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September 18, 2008


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Kevin Corrigan

It's sad to see Mr. Targa and his famous Mini exit the event but I'm really glad that you and Brian are ok.


Damn! Looking at that picture its hard to believe anyone walked away from that crash, let alone survive it. Its an unappreciated testament to the engineering that goes into vehicles nowadays. (A lot of people curse how "cars fall apart at the slightest bump" and some elder men still pine for big iron type cars. Seems they're more concerned about the car rather than their own safety.)

I've been following Targa Newfoundland through my WoW subscription, and when its showcased on TV. I've mentioned to my wife that I would love to travel up some year to watch it live.

Knowing how intimately and passionately involved you've been has always made me root for you, hoping to read one day "Jim Kenzie finishes first!"

This year was no different.

I won't presume to tell you to keep racing, but I hope you do, cause you've got a fan in this corner. Am glad you're well, and I always enjoy your stories from behind the wheel whether just driving or racing.


Glad to hear nobody was hurt! I'm sure BMW/Mini will appreciate your real-world endorsement of the Mini's crash performance. There's always next year...

Great blogging (as usual) - much appreciated.


sorry to hear about the wreck Jim.

glad you're OK!!!


Jeez! That's rough! I hope you get back on that horse next year at the Targa.
Godspeed but keep all four wheels on the ground.

Mike T.

A good buffin' will make that car look a whole lot better. Oh yeah, glad you're ok 'kenz. We need your column.

Michael Banovsky

Glad to see you're OK. I, for one, am saving to run a majestic-in-my-own-mind Mini El Camino next year… M!


Glad you're ok Jim, and glad i got to see the 04 MINI a few times in person! will the crumpled version be on display at CIAS or somewhere like that?

tony larocca

holy crap, batman! Nasty spill. To think I was your copilot in NB just weeks ago....hmmm

Seriously though, glad you're ok.


Tony L


Great to hear you're not the least bit frazzled after your crash. Completely agree on being prepared and getting through it without relying on luck.

Now that you're back Jim, what's the latest with the Street Racing crap? Have any of the challenges come to court? The O.P.P. seem to be enforcing with reckless abandon.

It is an election non-issue as it is Provincial which I find a bit ironic as the law itself would seem to be a blatant contradiction to our Canadian Charter.

Keep us posted.

Bob Della Rocco


Glad to hear that you and Brian are ok after this crash. Go thank the folks that put in that cage. Hope we all get to Targa next year.

Bob Della Rocco
2007 #106 VW GTI.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Scott:

Nothing has been decided about the remains of the Mini yet. We'll let you know!

JIm Kenzie

Hi Paul:

You gotta know we're all over this like a bad rash.

Can't shoot my bolt completely though - all will come clear in due course. Have faith!

Big Daddy


Glad to hear you are OK. Yes, these are tough little cars. I rolled my '03 MINI Cooper S in the mountains of North Carolina last spring and my buddy and I walked away unscathed. The car was totalled. I hope you can find another MINI to continue your Targa career. All of us at Michigan MINI Motor Club send our best!


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