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January 12, 2009


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Return it if you can and buy a Panasonic Y7 notebook. Under normal conditions the battery can go 4-5 hours. Reduced settings then 7-8. It`s expensive but worth it for being on the run or road. I wonder if your new notebook is a Dell..

Jim Kenzie

Actually, it's an HP 2133, cheap as dirt, and I seem to have the battery thing sorted.

As with cars and Owners Manuals, when all else fails, read the instructions.

Thanks for your input though.

Now, do you know anything about Local Area Networking?

Or "not-working", as is the case now?

Larry Mitz

My daughter is an engineer. When I have electronic problems she tells me to follow the engineers' rule..."RTFM" ....freely translated.."Read the manual"

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