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April 13, 2009


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John Betmanis

Jim, I don't do most of the stuff you're supposed to before putting my Camaro away for the winter, but one thing I've always done is change the oil. There's nothing worse for an engine to sit all winter full of dirty, corrosive oil.

Sean McConnell

Remember folks, it's just us old "carburetor guys" who pump the gas on a cold start. New cars have electric pumps and computers, so no gas pedal action required.

By the way, is it really necessary to attach a sign to the barn that says, "BARN", lol. Just how dumb to farmers think us city folks are? ;)

Mike T.

Jim if the auto industry goes the way it looks to be going, Halton region might become the new Cuba for old North American cars and all because of you. Hang in there a while longer amigo.

Richard Clayton

Keep up the good work. You listed the things you didn't do. But what you are doing that is most important is to park it in an unheated barn in winter.

I attended an "old car" event in California several years ago. There were lots of nice shiny polished old cars. By far the most impressive was a filthy dirty car that was driven to the show. On its own wheels. On the road. A Ford Model T, unrestored, the convertible top in shreds. Maybe your Hornet can aspire to that kind of longevity.


Hi John:

You are SO right.

It won't happen again.

Jim Kenzie


Hi Sean:

Spot-on w/r/t the carburetor. How many younger people will never know the joys?...

As for the sign, I built that edifice with (mostly) my own two hands. It was supposed to be where I was going to restore my (long since gone away) 1959 Jaguar XK 150 3.4 S roadster. If I'd put as much money and effort into that car as I did the garage, I'd have a 100-point Jag by now.

I called the garage the Taj MahJaguar. But my then-12-year old nephew didn't have room to write all that with his Christmas present wood-burning kit, so "The Barn" it became...

Jim Kenzie

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