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April 07, 2009


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Alan Wayne Scott

Attempted humour revolving around climate change, eh? Again the Wheels section finds itself out of step with the realities of our times.

Larry Mitz

I always procrastinate: that's the one thing I never put off until tomorrow! But..snow tires increase fuel consumption by approx 1 L/100km or so therefore I put the summers on last week. Mother Nature gets the last laugh..as always!

Mike T.

In the past two days I summerized my snowblower and had the winter tires removed from the car so that's bound to trigger the mother of all blizzards. To prove that I'm not totally stupid, I did leave the snow shovels at the ready though.


Hi Alan:

Well, you seem to spend a fair amount of time reading us!

What's that Machiavellian adage: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

"Hoof and cycle"?


Get yourself a nice new car and help clean up the atmosphere...


Jim Kenzie


Hi Larry:

First, we are trying to convince people to use the term "winter tires" to distinguish from the blocky old units of the past!

Yeah, political correctness comes to tire designations...

Second, if you spent ten minutes spinning your wheels trying to get out of your driveway last week, or if you had to get a tow truck to haul your busted car to the body shop after you whacked that guard rail, you would have used up 'way more than 1 l/100 km worth of fuel!

You are right on one thing though - we are playing in Mother Nature's home park; she does bat last...

Jim Kenzie

Larry Mitz

Re:There's always a story...part deux

And the date your son took the photo was....?

A truck driver with a well-developed sense of whimsy..wonderful!

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