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April 10, 2009


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Hi Jim,

Drop deck tractor trailers like that end up running empty quite a bit. They are mostly used for heavy equipment and it's not easy to get loads going both ways. Some drivers put the Tonka trucks on just for fun. I've also seen them use toy bulldozers and other toy earth moving equipment.


Glad to see you are supporting your son putting lives at risk...passenger? Anyone can tell he was in the drivers seat taking those pictures. Nice work...


That is awesome.

Must be what he does when traveling empty. Throw the Tonka on and get people talking.

It's so simple and utterly pointless that it's brilliant.

S. Searle

Jim, I'm surprised that you don't recognize whimsy when you see it. No doubt that truck was dead-heading somewhere and the driver thought he'd bring a smile to the faces of those on the road around him.


I'm gonna guess it's just a placeholder and a sort of joke. Pretty sure the truck was on its way to pick up something big.


If you could have shown a picture of the truck I might be able to recognize the driver. I worked with a guy in Edmonton who straps a Tonka truck to his trailer.

Don't why but it is humorous.


Too funny!


Hi Jim, aren't truck drivers allowed to have a sense of humor? If you're back-hauling an empty float trailer and have an extra five minutes to strap the Tonka truck on...

Tim G.

I think the flatbed was actually "unloaded" and on its way to pick up an actual piece of equipment... but that's a cool thing for the driver to have done on his way there.


Hi Corey:

So, the truckers are just having a bit of sport with us?

I like it.


Bert Coates

Jim: This has to be what I would consider the ultimate - toy hauler.
Bert Coates


Hello Copper_Jack:

My, how quick we are to judge without knowing all the facts!

What are you - a CSI?

Traffic was dead-stopped when he took those shots.

And yes, I thought it WAS nice work!

Jim Kenzie


Hello "S":

One of the drawbacks of being an engineer, I guess!

'Whimsy' does indeed appear to be the answer, and judging from (most of ) the comments on this post he has indeed succeeded in bringing smiles to many faces!

In these days of road rage, good on him.

Jim Kenzie


Hi Mark:

Absolutely they are!

I think it's brilliant.

Jim Kenzie


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