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September 23, 2009


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Mike T.

Jim, you ask why the middle lane is the lane of choice on 3-lane highways. That's easy - driving in the middle lane is just less hassle than any other lane. The middle-laners don't get mixed up in all the comings & goings of the right (Jim & Mike) lane plus they can do their 110 all day and let the 130'ers whizz by in the "passing" lane. I'll guarantee that NONE of them are aware of what the HTA says about lane discipline and why should they care? The cops don't. They probably don't know either. I'd love to know in which lane Julian's chauffeur drives (and at what speed too!). Me, I drive in the Jim lane where I do most of my overtaking too.


I find driving in "la belle province" that since the signs are in French, sometimes I miss some of the alerts about upcoming construction or other problems.

As for the reckless driving... Being a driver in Quebec isn't much harder. Being a pedestrian is another story. Ever tried to cross Ste. Catherine? Even though you have the lights in your favour its like playing frogger.

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