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November 04, 2009


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I agree with your two choices 100%. However, if Subaru ever decide to drop a diesel into the Outback, then that will be my choice without a doubt.


It just goes to prove that people are still not considering hybrids as an alternative to "regular cars" in the same category. Mainly because of the price premium you have to pay. Your average hybrid owner shopped for a hybrid speciifcally.


As a fellow TDI driver, I don't get why hybrid drivers merit special parking spaces, 'green vehicle' plates, rebates, etc., when I get better fuel efficiency.

(Incidentally - regarding one of your previous columns- I love the sunroof in my car. No leaks, no rattles, no confusing shadows or glare, just a nice source of additional light, especially when it's overcast or raining.)

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