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November 04, 2009


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Larry Mitz

It's not just the Toronto cops. The OPP seems to be affected with the "let's tax the drivers" virus as well.

In mid september 4 of us went on a marvellous canoe trip in northern Ontario. The last day we broke camp at 0630, paddled down river to hook up with Ontario Northland RR, and eventually ended up at Fraserdale. My three companions all wanted to be in the GTA the next day so I volunteered to take both canoes and wend my solitary way home. I assured them I had no problem as I am an experienced, safe driver. I have been, and still am, involved in driver ed and know enough to rest if I am tired. Off we went.

A few km south of Cochrane I realized I was too tired to continue so I pulled off the road and parked on a long straight stretch, well off the shoulder and promptly fell asleep. (As a septugenarian I do not suffer from insomnia)

At approximately 0230 I was awakened by a knocking on my window. The young female OPP officer asked if I were all right. "Yes, thank you for checking." She then asked for my driver's licence. Shown. "Ownership please" I'm 90% asleep still; I show her the ownership for my wife's car, our trailer, and finally the truck I was driving. "Proof of insurance please" I had shown her the insurance slip with my wife's registration form but mine didn't seem to be there. "It's the same company" She took my forms and went back to the cruiser. I promptly fell asleep again. Knocking on the window...the male partner handed me my registration forms and a ticket for failing to produce proof of insurance. I went back to sleep.

I woke at 0630, headed south and stopped at the first Tim's for breakfast. Started thinking, (I'm awake now) I just renewed my licence, proof of insurance was required, where is it? Opened my registration form and there it was!! The officer hadn't bothered to look. She had taken my (sleeping) word that I couldn't find it and charged me!

When I got home (Ivanhoe, look it up) I looked at the ticket and I have two options; plead guilty or appear in court in Timmins. At the current cost of fuel plead guilty is far cheaper ($65) but I am not guilty and will not say I am. Damned if I'm going to drive to Timmins either (although they tell me it's lovely this time of year). I call the crown attorney's office for several (fruitless) conversations. Eventually I receive a notice that I have been convicted and owe $70. I send a cheque.

I was convicted for being a safe driver and being too far from court to be likely to fight an unfair ticket. What is happening to our police? I have always respected the OPP and Metro cops (in that order) I am beginning to lose that respect. This virus may be worse than H1N1!

Dario "DjDATZ" Zgrablic

Our police force is comprised of people that can't get off their high chair and keep chastising the public for things that aren't dangerous. In the mean time, they don't stop the drivers that are doing stupid stuff.

As for tickets, ANY tickets fight them. The longer they're in court, the longer they stay off your record. If they're in court long enough, you can get them thrown out solely on the basis of having the right to a timely trial.

Oh yea, and since last Monday, I've taken to the new law by it granting me full permission to honk as much as I want at anyone yappin' away on a handset. :D w00t!


They aren't the first ones to do it. The NY police are even worse. They actually say "Taxi" on the unmarked cars.


David White

You are absolutely correct on this one Jim.
However as an ex cop I am not surprised as any organization that
provides Ford Crown Vics for chasing bad guys in our winters, clearly is out of touch with reality.

Paul Robertson

These tactics serve nothing more than another tax grab. Highly trained Police Officers tasked with glorified Meter-maid duty.

Jim, you'll be happy to know my wife sees your beige Yukon unit daily on the 404. You'd think a marked unit would have far more effect in rush hour traffic, but there it sits dolling out revenue generation whilst creating havoc with traffic as the Officer waves the culprits to the roadside.

Not sure what it accomplishes beyond another fender bender.

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