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January 09, 2010


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George Murphy

I remember driving my new 1970 TR 6 home in April 1970 and realizing that there were no seat belts. The dealer installed them the next day. My 1973 Volvo had shoulder belts in front and back and you would have never found them on a 1973 American car. My understanding is that antique cars don't require seat belts if they weren't installed when the car was sold. Yes now they are required, but 1969 was a much different time.

Richard Allman

Never see a character smoke anymore, Jim? Obviously your beloved PVR doesn't record Mad Men, possibly the best Drama on TV! Of course they don't wear seatbelts either, but few people did in 1963.

David White

When was the last time you saw a Hollywood celebrity riding in the rear seat with a belt on, while talking to the camera? Its a USA phenomena!

John Frewen-Lord

Here in the UK, it is very rare indeed to not see a cop, hero, whoever wearing a seatbelt. Even in the heat of a chase scene, as the cops get out to apprehend the suspect, you see them slipping off their fastened seatbelts. And celebs and stars of reality shows are usually (though not always) seen wearing seatbelts in the back seats.

Pity that the same good example doesn't extend as far as smoking - in spite of the fact that less than 25% of the UK population smokes, there seems to be a far higher %age smoking on TV shows. Oh well.

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