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March 23, 2010


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I totally agree with you about them not instructing their students to turn on their lights. I recall last year I pulled up beside a driving school car instructing a student at a red light. It was raining and I rolled my window down and asked the instructor in the passenger seat why he hadn't asked the student to turn on their lights. He gave me a blank stare at first and then said thank you and rolled up his window. As I pulled away once the light went green I noticed the lights were still not on (clearly in more ways than one, LOL).

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Nice Post! Thanks for this information, it will help the instructors and students too.

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Agree with above post. Following signals and instructions during driving are very important to keep safe yourself and to save from being injured. Many instructors in driving schools give the proper guidance about driving and tell them about all signs and symptoms of traffic.

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