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November 19, 2010


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Brian W

My My, Jim, Don't Let It Bring You Down.
As a Neil Young fan, this article was quite entertaining!

JR Jake

Jim you are very accomplished as well as knowledgeable about Neil's lifework and ambitions. Some dreams were never meant to come true, just inspire us to reach over and beyond what others say can't be accomplished. Than it is no more a dream, its an aspiration. Have a good weekend Jim. Remember dreams r made when everyone shares in the victory and not just a few.


GM (among others) destroyed the electric car, but the dreadful statement "it can't be done" should never come from an Engineer. You should know better that very few products succeeded overnight; the first car required servicing on an hourly basis, and the first airplanes killed their creators.

I know we will eventually make this happen, because we have no other choice; we need to get batteries run the vehicles, and charge those batteries by solar, wind, earth core heat, or other free source.

And then ponder why we paid oil companies all those years.

Jim Kenzie

Hey Hey - thank you!

I used to read his Dad in the Mop 'n' Pail.

Anyone else out there remember 'Scrubs on Skates'?


Jim Kenzie

Hi Zaki:

Why does GM get such heat over the EV-1? They tried to CREATE the electric car, fer cryin' out loud!!

And they did. A world first, it was, a pure electric car that met all modern safety standards.

GM didn't kill the electric car; science killed the electric car.

Science, combined with economics.

As a friend of mine who worked on the EV-1 project put it (and I've used this line many times in my writing): "There are three types of liars in the world: Liars; damned liars; and battery engineers."

(By the way, the gift his colleagues gave him when he left the company? A 75-foot long extension cord. Who says engineers have no sense of humour?)

The second-most relevant comment I've heard lately comes from a journalist who has been covering the energy world for decades, in such publications as The Atlantic Monthly and the Wall Street Journal. Robert Bryce writes, "Electric cars are the next big thing - and they always will be."

To read more of Bryce, visit the following link (HEY! It turns out this actually tuns into a hot link, so you don't have to cut-and-paste!!):


It comes down to energy density, and except in very limited circumstances, we are never going to have affordable electric cars until that 'battery breakthrough' actually happens.

Personally, I think we have a better chance at a perpetual motion machine.

As for the longer-term future, the current issue of The Atlantic Monthly has a very cogent article by James Fallows (one of the best 'general' writers anywhere) which states pretty conclusively that the power source of the future will be - wait for it - COAL!

Solar? Wind? Tidal?

All non-starters, when you realize how MUCH power we need.

And as China and India continue to develop, do you think their BILLIONS of people will be satisfied with anything less than the standard of living that we enjoy?

Not gonna happen.

What we engineers have to do is DEAL WITH REALITY.

Science we leave to the scientists.

Science fiction we leave to the novelists.

Jim Kenzie B.A.Sc.

Jim W

Jim we monitor the GreenGas.cc and GreenNH3 group the last 3 or 4 years, They have a green, tough product which works and is safe and we would like to have a machine to make us self sufficient. Presently they are not building machines so we wait till they can. Imagine a cold winter night on the side of the highway out of fuel. ( all the gas stations are sold out of $2/L fuel) Scientific American says peak 2014. A word of encouragement for a Canadian technology which could help society and create some green Canadian jobs. Are you waiting for Harpers big Oil bosses to bring us a new fuel??

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