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November 14, 2010


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Greg Wilkinson

I'm sure Jim Kenzie isn't old enough to have seen Nico Rosberg's father race but Nico's father is Keke Rosberg, not Kiki Rosberg.
Jim, your error is not as funny as a local sports announcer who reported that the 1982 Formula One World Championship had been won by "Keek Rosenberg"

Jim Kenzie

Hi Greg:

You are so kind (or my photo really is misleading) but I saw Nico's father race in Formula Atlantic!

So you'd think I'd know how to spell his name.

Keke, of course. I sit corrected, not to mention shame-faced.

I may have been flashing back even farther to the Kiki race cars built in Canada during the 1960s.

I have a couple of other sports announcer 'folks passes' for you:

If you recall (if YOU'RE old enough to remember...) the first Molson Indy in Toronto held in (hold on, I better look THAT up...) 1986, there was quite a long full-course yellow when (if memory serves, which it clearly doesn't...) someone tried to drive THROUGH the Princes' Gates rather than turn right in front of them. At the time this was maybe the biggest single sports event in The Big Smoke, and again, if memory serves, CFRB was doing live play-by-play. They had conscripted every sportscaster they could find to cover the thing, including all the 'stick-and-ball' announcers who had probably never driven a stick-shift car, let alone seen a car race on TV, let alone ever attended one in person before. (One more time if memory serves) it was Bill Stephenson, the golden-throated Argos announcer, who was assigned to the Lakeshore Boulevard straight, and his comment during the slow-down was, "Even at these speeds the drivers are having trouble keeping the cars under control...".

If it was not Stephenson, or if it was and he was only joking, I apologize...

The second one I got second-hand, but a colleague recalls hearing on a US radio station the results of a Formula One race where the winner was a Canadian named (now, I'm trying to type this the way it was announced...) "GILL-ees Villa-new-EH-vah".

Please don't put me in that category!



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