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February 11, 2011


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Can we add "signal your impending turns and lane changes" to this list as well?

Gord Irish

I like the law in New York state - wipers on, lights on. Lights on all the time would be better but it's a start.
Given all the other nanny controls we have in cars today, maybe they could wire the lights to the wiper switch...

Jim Kenzie

Hi Gord:

Not a bad idea. It would also help if (in increasing order of cost and difficulty to implement) the law required car makers to not allow instrument lighting to be on when DRL is on, and required DRL to illuminate the rear lights too.

Jim Kenzie

Kyle Tate

Hey Jim,

While I agree with you on most things automotive, I can't say that I agree with the wiper lifting. My reasoning is that when you leave your wipers up like that, the spring is extended, and will weaken over time. This will cause insufficient pressure to be applied to the blades, resulting in a streaky windshield. Just my two cents. Keep preaching about proper speed limits and lane discipline though, hopefully the cityots will hear you one day!



Why doesn't Transport Canada just implement a new vehicle regulation - headlights/tail lights always on, starting with model year XXXX. If the government can make skid control systems mandatory (good idea) and TPMS mandatory (sort of a good idea, but not really), why can't they do something similar with lighting systems.

At the same time, they could make it so rear turn signals should always have to be amber.

I guess since I'm fantasizing here, maybe they could also stop taxing used car sales, since they already collected the tax the first time the vehicle was sold...??

Jim Kenzie

Hi Richard:

If you run for parliament, you've got MY vote...

Jim Kenzie

Rev. Ted McCollum

I totally agree with you on the headlights on all of time. I have a 2007 Rondo, and the headlights are always on. They have made it easy, as they are on when the car is turned on, and off when the key is out of the transmission. The only problem is that my mechanic does not realize they can just leave them on without the battery going dead. I wish all manufacturers had this feature. It would make our roads much safer.


With regards to backing in to parking spots, the mine site where I work has just recently made it a policy to back in. This is especially important for safety, as there are no cars here, only trucks.

I enjoy the "monkey see monkey do" aspects in parking lots. I find there are more than a few times that I will back in to a spot at a store, and when I come back to the lot there are many more cars backed in than when I entered. I like to think that I have positively influenced other drivers a little.

Jim Kenzie

Hi 'Leaf':

Good on you!

My favourite reason for backing in to parking spaces was given by the chap who runs a geothermal station in Iceland.

"If this all blows up," he said approximately, "we want to get outta here as fast as we can!"


Jim Kenzie

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