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April 20, 2011


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Gordon Sleigh

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been noticing this for years, but I had no idea it wasn't by design. It's so prevalent I just assumed it was poor design from the get go... which I guess it really is, just not the way I'd assumed!


I have noticed this for years... i always thought they were built that way...

B McInnis

I have an 8 year old Camry and have seen this on mine and many others. It runs and sounds fine and has never been caught up on speed bumps or anything. My trailer hitch does get hit once in a while as it has to loop around the tail pipe of the Camry.
Seems to me they where made this way because I see it all the time.

Greg H

Jim, I have also noticed this on the Camry's starting from the 92-96 generation. I thought the exhaust pipe had an odd downward bend in it right under the rear axle centerline. And this is puzzling, because it looks like there's lots of clearance to any chassis or body parts.

I thought maybe there was something temperature sensitive in that area so they were giving the exhaust a lot of clearance. It's unlikely owners will see this on their own cars anyway, as you pointed out.

Does it have to do with assembly of the car in some way? Required clearance to fit the exhaust into the body, but excess clearance once it's actually installed.


I've noticed this on our Corolla 97, I'm pretty sure it was normal once but several years ago it appeared out of nowhere and now it's like the rest of them. Finally someone beings this to light because I though I was the only one.


I've also noticed this design flaw. Reason being that when I've had custom or stock exhaust systems installed, one of the primary goals of any exhaust installer is to avoid this obvious mistake.
To me it's just an indicator of the integrity, or lack thereof, of the Toyota system's design.

CGS cat back exhaust

It would really be dangerous if it stayed that way. But somehow in someway, I have never heard of anything regarding bumping the exhausts on humps, either.

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