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July 24, 2011


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What brand of car is this? funnny


The youtube hot-link right after the video is equally as hilarious...

Girlfriend cons boyfriend into buying a new car at the dealership.


a) you are making dangerous assumptions by putting the words "woman" and "know" so close

b) you'd be surprised to find out what is the real world percent breaking of rules of safety!


1) she probably didnt think about it

2) it's probably a manual transmission, so truck was in neutral


Worst acting EVER!


Jimmy, are you sure this isn't an ad for that vehicle she's driving? :)

Chrysler did it when they introduced the front-driven K series. The ad had the exact same premise, right down to the orientation of the vehicles in relation to the curb.

Vincent Chan

Hi Jim,

Been reading your section since my days in Toronto 15 years ago and I was always looking forward to my Saturday Star with the Wheels section.

Anyway, to answer your questions:

a) She probably thought that once she started the car, the rear wheels wiould come off the harness and she would be home free.

b) Standard Operating Procedure means less in China than it does in Canada. Sad but true.

It was a funny one though.



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