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September 23, 2011


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Spot on Mr Kenzie ! Well said....Why should I have to listen to THEIR crap !!??


Funny, Scott Adams made a comment on this some years ago:

The one that always drove me crazy was the person going to pick that would drive by my office on their way to pick up their kids from daycare.... Would actually set off car alarms! Actually, the funniest boom cars out there are the ones where the sound is all subwoofer and you can actually hear parts on the car shaking lose at the stoplight.


Your music sucks is what I say (but is never heard) to boom boxers. If I'm stopped and the car behind me is shaking my windows with his base I flash my work trucks LED brake lights in time to the beat - once they even turned it down! If I'm walking I do a really bad grumpy old man dance to try and embarrass them into turning it down. Back in the dark ages I played my 4 Jenson triaxles kinda loud but I never did that at night with my windows down 'cause I didn't want to wake anyone up. Every summer night our neighbourhood is boom boxed in the wee hours while we lie awake in our beds! By the way - your hats are on backwards!


Jim, great point on the radio volume re-adjusting once the car has been turned off. My 2010 Equinox has that feature, and you can set it to any level of your choosing!

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