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October 16, 2011


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John B

Jim, that's a rhetorical question and you answered it yourself: "Ever since the advent of synchromesh first gears on manual transmissions (and of course automatics), the vast majority of drivers treat Stop signs like Yield signs anyway." However, slowing instead of stopping won't work anymore because the morons can will be texting instead of looking out for traffic. Also, I don't think the police like Yield signs because more investigation is required to determine if someone yielded or not. That's not as cost-efficient unless the fines for not yielding are a lot higher than for not stopping.


When I visted my friend in Montreal, he warned me that the local gendarmes love to pick people off for "arrets Americans". I found it quite different driving in Holland where there are more yields and hardly any stop signs. As opposed to what I like to call "political stop signs" that are put up to placate voters complaining about cars speeding through their neighbourhoods rather than have to put police resources on enforcing the existing safety measures.

Stephen Parker

Ah! Jim,you've read my mind. I've been saying for years exactly this. It really gets me when you see a new housing development and just the roads have been laid out, no buildings yet and there they are, stop signs at every corner!!! It's pathetic and I get mad as hell and can't take it any more!!! There's a couple of intersections in Brampton with Yield signs and guess what? I don't know of any collisions there. Sure, put them at the major roads where side roads meet them but in and around residential streets??


In a perfect world, stop signs would only be where conditions warranted the time to make a complete stop and take a good look. As it is, most drivers on the 400 series of highways display an obvious need for yield signs; they compensate for the lack of yield signs by treating those merge signs at the end of on-ramps as though they were yield signs for the traffic on the on ramp. Too bad.

Gerald Pilla

I live in Ajax, and most "secondary" intersections have yield signs, and not Stop signs. Always thought that was a great idea.

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