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December 12, 2011


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I know how you feel, lately I've noticed an increase in the BMWs and Volvos driving with the rear fog lights. In my neck of the woods it seems that most MB drivers know how to turn them off.

Bernard DeGagne

In my experience the rear fog light also comes on when you turn your front facing fog lights on, which the Europeans also only turn on in the presence of fog.


Hi Jim, My '08 MINI Cooper S Clubman also has a rear fog light in the left taillight. In typical MINI fashion, it is difficult to decipher the toggle switch symbol to figure out which one turns on the front fog lamps and which one is for the rear. Even hard to tell by looking at the indicator lights in the speedometer. I think a rear fog light is a great idea but car manufacturers should label these switches so you can tell what does what.

John Frewen-Lord


The rear foglight feature was, I believe, first made mandatory by the UK, back in the 1970s (could be early '80s). Britain of course was always getting heavy fogs, and large freeway/motorway pile-ups as a result.

They are a blessing in fog, and even in heavy spray, although their use in spray is, bizarrely, illegal!

As for leaving them on, it IS possible - most cars are wired so that the front fogs come on first, then the rears, in a two position switch. Easy to move the switch too far (or twice instead of once). Fortunately they have to be self-cancelling when the ignition is switched off.


I wonder if the rear fog light is linked to the front fog lights, so they all come on at the same time. For some insane reason MANY drivers seem to like to drive with the front fogs on ALL THE TIME.

Maybe the message to driver's should be to turn ALL the fog lights off unless it's foggy/rainy/snowy?

Speaking of fog lights, I've noticed in some vehicles, the switch can be turned on and left on in perpetuity. Then every time the regular lights come on, the fogs are on.

Other vehicles (Chevy Equinox comes to mind) have a switch that resets itself each time the ignition is cycled, leading to the driver to manually activate the fogs every time the vehicle is started.

I'm thinking the Chevy might be the better of the two designs.

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