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April 11, 2012


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John B

There are many reasons for parking nose first. I park my station wagon nose first in supermarket parking lots because it's easier to load that way. Bosses park nose first at work to show that it's more important to get to work than make a quick getaway. As for those funny shaped "Crossover SUVs" at the Starbucks, I imagine they're not easy to park backwards and the yuppies don't want to appear silly in front of their cohorts by parking crooked.


Another possible good reason to park nose first is if a bad driver ram into your parked car, it is much less damaging and less costly when they hit the trunk instead of the engine under the hood, provided that the front of the car is protected by a curb or by the building. At some parking lot it is warranted. But it is easier to back the car into a space.

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