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April 21, 2012


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You've probably never even seen a real DeLorean, let alone driven one. I can only conclude you must have diarrhea of the mouth, because all I hear is a bunch of bullshit coming from you.

You like to trash the DeLorean name, saying there are all these reasons why they're bad and failed, yet you CONVENIENTLY leave them out. Maybe because the car is not as bad as you'd like others to believe. The main reason were the emissions restrictions which forced Mr. DeLorean to go with a stock PRV engine instead of a more powerful custom built engine. You might wanna check on several of the sports cars that came out around that time, this was not an issue unique to DeLorean. Oh, and the recession that was going on in '81? Yeah that also had a lot to do with it. But you wouldn't put that in your article because it doesn't help you slant the view to fit with your bias that these cars failed because they are POS.

Were you a teen back in the day and had your girlfriend stolen by a guy who owned a DeLorean because you sure have a lot of hate for a car you've probably never actually experienced.

Bill Lane

I take offense at your attitude about the DeLorean. I am one of those "9000 saddled with these pieces of junk." I bought my DeLorean new in 1981 and I have had 31 years worth of fun with it. Yes, the car had problems, but I have also had several American made vehicles, Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler, that have had just as many problems that should have never left the factory with all the flaws!

I don't drive my car very often but when I do, it always turns heads and results in many questions about the car and Mr. DeLorean.

Each to his own! I guess thats what makes the world go around.

Bill Lane

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