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October 04, 2012


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Saw this today and immediately thought of you...


You may like this from yesterday as well...


Happyhumpdayplusone, Jeff.


My front license plate started peeling after a year so I put on a transparent protective cover which became less than transparent after a few more years so I tore it off.

I'm suggesting that the quality of license plate painting has gone way down over the years.


I had a licence plate with the first three letters YNR in the mid '90s, around the time that they updated the plates. The paint started wearing off pretty soon after. I have noticed that plates made around the same time and into the early 4 letter series had the same problem. I wonder if they changed the paint since the newer plates don't seem to wear off.

The cops are really slack about this. Another game I play is in parking lots, I look for plates with out-of-date stickers. I saw one recently with a a sticker from 2009!

John B

Well, at least the license plates have improved from when they were steel and rusted away after a few years on gravel roads. As for the paint, when I tried to clean one of mine to make it more legible, the blue paint started coming off. It seems that at some point it wasn't very durable. It's a Catch 22.

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