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January 31, 2013


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I feel your pain on this issue. It's no better in B.C.

Is there anyway we could contact Transport Canada to suggest that DRL be changed so that tail lights are ON and dash lights are OFF?

Funny how DRL might have actually made the situation worse, instead of better.



I just have to remember that flashing your high beams means "radar ahead" flashing your lights means "turn on your headlights".
Jim, I agree with you on all points. In fact, things are even worse than you say. How? I only drive 30Km to my office, however I always come across someone without their full lights on, even in complete darkness. It once took me and another guy flashing our lights at a Ford Focus to get him to clue in.
But it's even worse...
I would say that every other day I see some car or SUV through the darkness with no lights on at all. Late models, so not pre-DRL era. Ontario plates, so most likely not a US car (DRL is still not required in US? AFAIK). What's going on? The only explaination I can find in researching this is people are actually disabling their DRLs in order to install xenon headlights. Then they don't turn them on anyway, so what's the point?
People are actually disabling safety systems in their car to look "cool"?
Don't get me started on the Chrysler Co. and Audis that actually turn off a headlight when you turn on the turn signal.

Larry Mitz

Of course lights should be on all the time; I have enough problem with my own driving without worrying that some distracted idiot can't see me. The bigger problem in our neck of the woods is vehicles with no DRL's at all. On a less than 20 km drive I typically see more than 10 vehicles with no DRL's. This is outside of rush hour so I'm guessing 2%-5% or so of vehicles I meet. Too many! Many of these must be (illegally)disabling the DRL's for some reason. I can't imagine we are experiencing an epidemic of burnt-out bulbs hitting this area. Alien attack maybe? I asked a local cop about the problem... he hadn't noticed and told me only late model cars needed DRL's. Late model?... Yeah..after 1990 when the law went into effect.

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