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January 22, 2013


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Good idea. And I don't understand why they can't use the hydro poles to mount all the signs; it would be cheaper.


re: signage vs pooped peepers
getting older means stronger prescription glasses, right?
maybe not: those pinhole glasses which were sold 30+yrs ago& were banned by N.American eye doc groups for many years,& are now back at Amazon, really do help for stinging&weary PC-stressed eyes,& additionally, by working muscles in those of us depending on corrective lenses result in, at least,in this old roadracer/mechanic's case,having to revert to weaker spec glasses...5 minutes a day is all it took for moi.Sorta like yoga for the eyes. cheers


I can certainly tell you where Oakville Exec Golf Courses is, though.

Ella Strahan

They really should rearrange the road signs for that place. First timers will really waste a lot of time because those signs are not place properly.

Eliza Corlis

Some road sign needs to be replaced or removed because some are not applicable anymore. People who install road signs should be responsible if something happens to people who get confused.

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