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May 07, 2013


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Jim, I saw another Ontario plate like that while driving home from Florida. Perhaps there is some sort of defect? I would assume they paint the plate white first, then paint the blue over top. So if the white paint lets go, you have the result you describe.
The license plate guard may be all that's holding the paint on. Of course when you stop, everything goes back to it's normal spot, more or less. Some drivers just don't pay enough attention to the state of their vehicles to realize that something is out of place.

Merrill Smith

A friend of mine was told a couple of years ago that his plate was too hard to read and should be replaced. I don't think he was ordered to replace it, and it didn't look too bad to me. Since then I have seen many that are completely unreadable and I've asked myself the question you are posing in this column. I guess the answer is the police can't be bothered. Too busy looking for speeders.

Paul Gargaro

Jim,there are dozens of these "phantom plates" that I see in my travels through Richmond Hill.
There seems to be a total lack of will on the part of the various Police "Services" to enforce anything in the G.T.A. save for speeding, seat belt, and parking infractions.
There is no police presence whatsoever during rush hour.
There is no one warning, let alone ticketing cars, pedestrians or cyclists with respect to the "rules of the road". Just this morning, I saw a 50 c.c. Vespa ride/drive right by a police officer IN THE BIKE LANE. He didn't even flinch, or flash or sound a horn or siren, he just let the offender get on with their illegal proceedings.
I asked him at the next traffic light if he noticed the offending Vespa, his answer was simply "Yes".

We have one of the highest police officers per capita counts, spend a huge portion of our gov't budgets on "police services" and yet we have chaos on the roads, fraudulent behaviour in in insurance claims and a blatant disregard for the safety of others, starting with that Toronto Police Service Officer from this morning.

Please excuse my rant...

Keep it up Jim!


I have the same license plate for 26 years, no fading of any blue colour.
unless those illegible plates were issued way before me......
yet they all have 4 alphabets plus 3 numbers...Mine is only 3 plus 3

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