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July 31, 2013


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Larry Mitz

Jim, I completely agree with you about roundabouts...except when they don`t make sense. Highway 62 (eastern ON) is being realigned. At the intersection of 62 and Ridge Road the sight lines are terrible. Several fatalities have occurred here. MTO recognized the danger and is proposing either traffic signal or a roundabout. The problem is a cemetery precludes moving to the east and to the west is prime agricultural land.(Some of the best in the county). As a councillor for the local municipality I have been asked to express an opinion. Personally, I would move the cemetery (the inhabitants won`t mind in the slightest)but that is not an option. Traffic lights or lose another couple of acres of irreplaceable farmland?
Your thoughts?

D. Cook

I just spent a week in Collingwood and enjoyed the updated Hwy. 26 between Stayner and Collingwood. They have 2 roundabouts included and they work great. The change to building them instead appears to be slow & incremental (just outside Windsor there's one now too). Being the default method can't happen soon enough!


I love this! You are so right, they need to fix this. But the real question is will they. Probably not

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