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July 09, 2013


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Perhaps a couple of decades or more ago, Saab hooked up the exhaust from an old pre-pollution standards car to feed directly into their new Saab. The result was that the exhaust from the new car was measured to be just as clean as when the old car was not feeding the new Saab.

Somehow, this story morphed into the oft repeated "...the exhaust coming out of a new car's tailpipe is cleaner than the air going into the engine.” While new cars have become quite clean, this statement is incorrect. The truth is that the exhaust coming from any modern car is not cleaner than the air we breathe.
The Drive Clean program should be maintained. Modern cars can run cleanly for many years. However, when they go bad, they can go bad in a big way. Drive Clean should be modified to include tests for loud exhausts while we are at it.

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