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iPhones have arrived....

Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer

A lot of folks have waited a long time for iPhones to come to our workflow. Over the last two weeks, the department has been outfitted with the nifty little communication devices.

Its a remarkable little gadget, really. Its multifaceted and will help us to file pictures quicker, and easier. The other communication abilities also fit our needs. Everything from vocal directions, to voice calling, to texting, to internet searches - are all useful tools.

One feature also will be the camera in the phone itself. On "breaking"  news, the Star web site can be fed as quickly as possible by sending images from the phone. The plan is once that is done, we go about shooting pictures as we normally do, and later sending a host of pictures which are available for production of the paper, and updates on the web.

Just to test it out, as there is a bit of learning curve to navigating the numerous applications, I snapped a quick picture of one of my dogs and emailed to myself. Its low light and she wasn't too keen to stay still as she anxiously awaited a treat, but I wanted to see what it would look like. In the end, considering the awful light it was shot under, it's not too bad. Tomorrow I'll give it a test during daylight and see the comparison.


It will interesting incorporating this tool into the way I go about my daily business. It will be very interesting to receive my assignments directly and having the ability to simply click a link on an address and get a driving route all at once.



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Hey Rick
I've been experimenting with my iphone and it certainly is capable of taking some amazing pics. Slightly disappointed in the low light quality as a flash would have made a substantial difference, but I've got still got some amazing low light sunset pics and pre-setting the exposure really helps. Interested to see how you find it works in the field. There's some great iphone groups on Flickr too.

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