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Pumpkin Park

Carlos Osorio

Staff Photographer


Sometimes you get lucky.

What I mean by that is that sometimes you are handed assignments that are fun, new and incredibly visual.  I was asked to pop over to Sorauren park after 6 pm on Nov.1. The assignment request mentioned that residents of the neighbourhood brought their jack-o-lanterns and left them at the park. I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought i was either going to get a mountain of pumpkins or none at all. I pulled onto Sorauren and it was jammed packed full of cars and people carrying pumpkins. I started to get really pumped up thinking of how cool this could be. After circling for a while I finally found a space and grabbed my gear. I decided not to bring a flash and just work with the ambient light.  When I actually got to the park I was blown away. Jack-o-lanters lining paths all lit  with candles. It was awesome. All sorts of people walking along looking and taking photos. I spent a good hour walking, taking photos and talking to some of the people from the area.  This is why I love what I do. Finding little gems around the city that otherwise would remain a mystery to me.









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Wow! I absolutely am in love with these pictures! I love all the different effects you used in the photos and love the sky!

Hey Michelle.
No effects were used on any of these photos besides the normal dark room techniques such as dodging and burning.

The sky looks so cool in some of those shots. Eerie and purple.

Carlos - just want you to know that you inspired me to go visit this park this year. I actually saw your photos last year (2009) and it has been in my calendar all year waiting for this weekend! Really looking forward to it!! Wonderful work with the photography!!!

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