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Raptors V Detroit

Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer

There is a multitude of reasons any particular picture may not make the paper, or the Web. Space considerations, layout of a page (ads can sometimes leave very little useable space for art), lack of interest after a story or picture is developed, missing a deadline (when events occur after the paper is already "put to bed"), or simply, difference of opinion on a particular image.

The physical paper has dwindling space, so the new forum for readers to see photographers work is expanded to the Web. Our pictures editors do a pretty good job of trying to compile photo galleries in order to help showcase many of the images which don't make the paper. There are times they are just swamped so we generally appreciate when they do make the time to put together a gallery.

Wednesday night the Raptors played host to the Detroit Pistons. Here are a few images I filed. A couple of them made it to the gallery, and only one picture made the paper (which is normal).

With only 15 minutes between the first and second half to download images, edit, caption, tone and transmit, its a bit of crush to get several choices back to the office for the early pages. Unless you have one amazing frame you are convinced is the only frame necessary, we generally file a selection and leave the final edit to the folks manning the pages.

So, here are some of the "outs" from the game the other night. Hope you enjoy them.

Detroits Ben Wallace is wrapped up in the arms of Hedo Turkoglu.

Raptors Chris Bosh is fouled by Charlie Villanueva as he goes to the hoop.

Jarrett Jack drives hard against Charlie Villanueva.

Chris Bosh is fouled by Jonas Jerebko on the offensive end.

DeMar DeRozan is fouled as he tries to dunk over Austin Daye.

Rm_RapsVDet18 Pistons Charlie Villanueva, on the bench in 2nd half, looks as if he can't watch his team lose.


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You mention that you only have a short amount of time to edit and caption photos. What programs to most Star photographers usually use to manage and edit their photos? And I've always wondered this - how much freedom are the photogs given when editing photos? If you look at the photos by the London Free Press (where I'm from) most photos pretty much remain untouched and unedited which, in my opinion, leave the photos they publish lacking in punch and creativeness. Its a shame really. But when I look at photos by papers like the Star and the New York Times, the editors seem to welcome creative photos with unique feeling and angles. Maybe its just our paper... Just curious.

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