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Toronto Island

Carlos Osorio -  Staff Photographer

Last week was the last day to submit an application to get on a list to buy a home on Toronto Island. I was sent with reporter Jennifer Yang to talk to some of the people on the ferry heading over. STORY HERE.

It was foggy and raining when on the ferry. Most people were inside.


Anne Barnett has lived on the Island for 35 years. She didn't have to wait on a list to buy a house she came right over from England and settled there. 

Jennifer spoke with Sarah Roe who was on her way to drop of an application and I made a quick photo with her and the disappearing skyline.

After getting off the ferry I wondered around and made some pictures. The Island is such a beautiful place and the rain and

the fog just made it look even better.

The view of the CN Tower from the Island.

 I couldn't help looking back and making photos of the skyline.

Basketball island style.


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