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Rumble at Rama XI, Steve Molitor regains championship.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

If there ever was a sport that photography had to catch up to, it has to be boxing!

Felix Mecedes "El Destino" of Canada manages to win despite taking this shot from Ivan Flores of Mexico in the first fight of the night at the Rumble at Rama XI at Casino Rama in Orillia. 

My memory is pretty bad or digital photography has progressed to the point where I have forced myself to forget how it was before. Or maybe, I simply never shot any boxing predigital!

How some of the iconic boxing pictures were shot on 36 frame rolls of film is a testament to how good some of those photographers were. Also pre-autofocus too.

The nature of boxing lends itself to shooting a load of frames. The boxers are encouraged to be busy, both by their trainers and a crowd that has little patience. As the boxers dance around the ring they feint punches hoping to gauge how their opponent will react, we react to them too. The slightest motion increases our pressure on the trigger button letting loose a burst of a click or three.

The 8 GB cards offer us unlimited frames and the opportunity to delete images between rounds, we can also tag those frames we think are "keepers" to speed up the edit at the end of the bout.

The Rumble at Rama XI, had a five fight undercard that featured a WBA women's super bantam weight (122 pounds) Championship of the World bout and the Canadian Heavyweight (over 200 pounds) Championship on the line. The Main event was the IBF Junior Featherweight (122 pounds) Championship of the World featuring Canadian Steve Molitor trying to regain the vacant title against South Africa's Takalani Ndlovu.

The main event usually starts after 11 pm so 12 three minute rounds with all the breaks between rounds makes it the midnight newspaper deadline tight.

The bonus on the evening is that the event is broadcast in HD so the lighting is usually not bad as far as boxing goes, I shot at around 3200 ISO, 1/2000, f4.

Fabian Ramierez of Mexico walks back to his corner after scoring a first round knock out of Justin Fountain of Canada.

It was good news for Lisa "Bad News" Brown, she entered the ring with four title belts and after 10 rounds added another after dominating Ana "The Hurricaine" Julaton of the USA.

Ana Julaton reacts after a ringside doctor cleared her to continue after an accidental head butt opened a nasty cut over her left eye.

Sr-RUMBLEatRAMAxi-33Ana Julaton kept her cut man busy after a second cut opened over her right eye after another accidental head butt.

Sr-RUMBLEatRAMAxi-35Lisa "Bad News" Brown seemed to beat Ana "The Hurricaine" Julaton to the punch constantly over the 10 rounds of the WBA Championship of the World bout. 

 A combination of accidental head butts, a quick pace and some powerful punches from Lisa Brown kept the blood and sweat flying off of Ana Julaton in the title bout.

Canadian Lisa "Bad News" Brown celebrates winning the WBA belt!

Toronto’s Neven Pajkic battles Canadian Heavyweight champion, Greg “The Steel Pole” Kielsa ver 10 rounds in a historic meeting of undefeated foes battling for the Canadian Heavyweight title. Both fighters were 11-0 entering the bout.

Sr-RUMBLEatRAMAxi-07Toronto’s Neven Pajkic wins an unanimous descision over Canadian Heavyweight champion, Greg “The Steel Pole” Kielsa over 10 rounds.

 Toronto’s Neven Pajkic is overcome by emotion after winning the Canadian Heavyweight championship.

 Canadian Steve Molitor manages to score inside as he regains his IBF Junior Featherweight championship belt with a victory over Takalani Ndlovu from South Africa.

Steve Molitor discovers the closer he is to Takalani Ndlovu the harder it is to get hit.

Steve Molitor belts Takalani Ndlovu to regain his IBF Junior Featherweight championship belt.

Morgan Campbell's story on the Molitor bout

Morgan Campbell's pre-fight story on a un-bloodied Ana Julaton  

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