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The funeral for OPP officer Vu Pham

Steve Russell/Staff Photographer

Anytime a police officer, firefighter or soldier dies while doing their duty, it is a shock to everyone.

It is a jolt we all feel that makes us realize that their jobs serving the public are dangerous.

The outpouring of support that a fallen officer, firefighter or soldier recieves is a very impressive site to see.

The willingness of their families to put themselves out there at a funeral so that we can see what kind of sacrifice they have made is very emotional.

I and my fellow photographers work extra hard so that the families will have that hard, emotional, yet strangly special day covered, so they can see what happened while they were grieving.

Alone, in pairs, in small groups and by the bus load, police from around Ontario, Canada and the USA show up for the funeral of Vu Pham who was shot.

Wearing hockey jerseys with a blue ribbon and black armband, members of hockey teams that Vu Pham's sons play on.

A blue ribbon flutters in the wind as the RCMP line up outside the Arena.

Wingham residents that could not fit into the Arena, listen to the sevice outside.

Heather Pham holds hands with her youngest son as they await the casket.

A member of the OPP Golden Helmets listens to the service for Vu Pham.

Members of the Toronto Police Chief's Ceremonial Unit are emotional after listening to Pham's three sons talk.

Under a blue ribbon a man listens carefully to the service.

RCMP officers listen as Heather Pham forgives Fred Preston for killing her husband.

Flanked by her brothers Timothy and Luke Weber, Heather Pham holding the Ontario flag and Pham's mother Men Nguyen holds his hat.

Thousands of Officers march up Josephine Street in Wingham after the funeral to give Vu Pham one last salute.

The Ontario Provincial Police march up Josephine Street in Wingham.

The OPP line up along London Road as they await the hearse carrying Vu Pham for a final salute.  

Lead by the OPP Golden Helmets, the funeral procession drives by thousands of officers for the final salute.




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This is a sad day for the people of Ontario. Rest in peace Const. Vu Pham.

Thank you for protecting our country Const. Pham. You paid the ultimate sacrifice, rest in peace sir!

Thank you, Constable Pham and family, for your service and your sacrifice. The province, and the country, mourns your loss...

What a sad event! Officer Pham was obviously a very good man. I feel tremendous sorrow for his wife and three sons.
I thank the police, firefighters and soldiers that put their lives on the line to protect us.

Officer Pham RIP!

May you rest in Peace my Brother in Blue,
God Bless

Thank you for protecting the ones that cannot protect themselves. God bless. Rest in peace.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Rest in peace Cnst. Pham. My prayers go out to your family and friends.

Rest in peace.

What a wonderful tribute from a terribly tragic event!

These pictures are beautiful. Vu was a very dear friend of mine from elementary and highschool. Friday was amazing. The show of support was overwhelming to see but it was fitting for such a beautiful soul.

Anh Vu, rest in peace, you are forever our Hero. To Heather, our deepest sympathy goes out to you, your three beautiful sons and Anh Vu's family.

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