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Corey Mintz and some food for thought.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

I've heard that good food feeds good conversation, that must be the logic behind Corey Mintz's FED column.

I've also heard that it is better to shoot food on an empty stomach! 

Working for a newspaper offers a variety of assignments and each of those with their own challenges.

When I had arrived at Corey's apartment the guests, Clayton Ruby, Superior Court Justice Harriet Sachs, Jesse Brown and Katie Minsky, had just finished the first course and were chatting. The lights were down in the apartment and I did not want to disturb the mood of the room. I did add a couple tea lights to the table rather than set up strobes, I did not want to add anything that would remind the guests that they were at an intimate dinner and I did not want to interupt the flow of conversation.

I shot almost exclusively with the the Canon 1D mkIV which handles ISO 3200 beautifully!

While the light provided challenges, the food was very photogenic and the conversation that drifted from the Middle East, writing, Toronto neighbourhood was fun to listen in on.

What Corey cooked on that ol' electric stove looked and smelled amazing, alas, there was not enough to feed a salivating photographer.

The pictures fed my creative appetite! 

The door bell to Corey Mintz's apartment is the gateway to the FED column. 

Corey Mintz's menu is carefully outlined on his refridgerator, he will prepare four courses for his guests, a fifth course, desert was brought by Jesse Brown.

Corey Mintz cooks for Clayton Ruby, Honourable Madam Justice Harriet Sachs, Jesse Brown and Katie Minsky.

Corey Mintz cooks up the second course of brussel sprouts and sweet breads.

Clayton Ruby brought the wine.

The third course, Corey Mintz places guanciale (unsmoked italian bacon from the pigs jowl) on Du Puy lentils cooked with kale and mustard.

Corey Mintz discusses the guanciale with Clayton Ruby.

 Corey Mintz photographs the third course for his blog.

Corey Mintz's the Guanciale (unsmoked italian bacon from the pigs jowl) on Du Puy lentils cooked with kale and mustard were a big hit!

Part of the fourth course, Shimeji mushrooms and pearl onions flip through the air.

Corey checks how done the other part of the fourth course is, a Ribeye, hopefully rare!

The fourth course prepared by Corey Mintz is rare ribeye steak with shimeji mushrooms and pearl onions, pictured prior to the addition of jus.

 Clayton Ruby uses a candle to read the label on a bottle of wine off the shelf of Corey Mintz.

Jesse Brown brought a pistachio mousse to Corey Mintz for desert.

Corey's column on his dinner with Clayton Ruby       

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Gorgeous! Love the onion/mushroom action shot.

Well now I'm hungry... nice shots

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