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Michael Stuparyk hangs 'em up

This month saw longtime Toronto Star photographer Michael Stuparyk call it a career.

Mike, who came to the Star in 1982 via the Mississauga News, loved the art of telling visual stories so much that he worked into his 67th year.

We took a look through the archives and found some photos to share with readers as say farewell to Mike.

We miss ya Stupper!

- Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

Mike was a stringer 30 years ago when he covered the Marathon of Hope, 1980.

The 1980 Ontario Place Riot. 

A pigeon seeks relief on a hot day.  

Actor John Candy in make-up, 1982. 

H7ekriz3Down by the ol' fishing hole. Longtime fishing buddies Nick Dicario, left, and Erhardt Rimmer wait to nab the big one at the mouth of the Credit River in Mississauga yesterday afternoon. The retired twosome have met at least once a week for years to trytheir luck and tell stories of all the ones that got away. 

The 1997 TTC subwy fire.

29jul_a03_ews_gun_55 by 26p5_co
At Toronto police headquarters Louise Russo glances at a Colt AR-15 which is simular to the model of the rifle used in her shooting that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Keith Gordon preparing a whole Bertkshire pigs head  

 Deborah Louise Levin is a Toronto clairvoyant 

Eco Hijab by Queendom Hijabs, created by Ottawa native Abeer Al-azzawi and worn by Rahma  

Cormorant flies with a branch for a nest at Leslie Street spit. 

Canadian author Rabindranath Maharaj, his new book is The Amazing Absorbing Boy. 

MS cold 04
Moose Magoose the 1 yr old Pug enjoyed a winter playday in Withrow Park on Carlaw Ave with owner Pierce Akins.  

Toronto FC net minder Stefan Frei making spectacular saves on the practice field at  Lamport Stadium.

Alannah Myles re-enters the rock ring with a new album called Arival. 1997.

Exhausted firefighters rest as a blaze rages behind them at a Toronto townhouse complex May 2, 2001. Nearly 245 townhomes still under construction burned to the ground.

RN Carol Yandreski listens to speakers at Queens Park press conference call for an official inquiry into SARS outbreak. 

Barry Birnberg, wearing a Tilley stlye hat and Geoffrey Pimblett as Queen Victoria partipate in the restoration of clothing optional status to Hanlan's Point Beach.

Mel Lastman has a rough day at council. 1998.

Toronto Budget overview  at City Hall. Mayor David Miller listens to a reporters question after the budget presentations.  

Gisle Henriet in the air by the Humber bridge. 

The downtown Queen Street fire.

A bird nest, complete with feeding young, is seen in a traffic light at a downtown Toronto intersection Tuesday June 11, 2002. 

A little 300-square-foot house in Little Italy, Toronto  It was on the market for $139,000.  

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Beautiful pictures. I especially love the one of the birds in the street light.

wonderful images! thanks for posting these!

great pics...i like very much the one with those 2 guys on the beach...they are really funny :))

If the two photos of firefighting 'men at work' (seen above) are an accurate reflection of the usual level of discipline and sense of urgency that Toronto firefighters bring to their jobs these days, then I think the entire department should be read the riot act, beginning with the Chief.

By the way, did all 245 townhomes catch fire at the same time? If not, then how did so many townhouses burn down one after the other? Is that just when the 'Three Amigos' are sent to the rescue?... http://thestar.blogs.com/.a/6a00d8341bf8f353ef0133eca62182970b-pi.

I live in a small Canadian city that is protected from fire by a well equipped volunteer fire department. It must be an unusually busy fire hall (especially for a volunteer operation) because I often hear the sound of the big bell calling the volunteers in, followed by the sound of firetruck sirens. Hardly a week goes by that fires are not reported in the local newspaper, along with photos showing the volunteers hard at work, and looking quite a bit more interested in the task at hand than the paid Toronto firefighter seen in the following photo, whose nickname on the force must be 'johnny on the spot'... http://thestar.blogs.com/.a/6a00d8341bf8f353ef0133eca62b8f970b-pi

Whoa, a lot of criticism of firefighters here! Not quite the reason why the photos are posted. Over many years, I have taken photos of firefighters, and usually the ones that show them hard at work or saving lives run. Sometimes, the one that sells the story are like the firefighter holding down the hose as they keep fires from relighting. It usually takes two men to keep the tow and a half inch hose under control. This picture shows in one wide angle frame the extent of the fire.

Bill Sandford

What an interesting set of images! Thanks so much for the post.

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