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CSI Toronto

Richard Lautens - Staff Photographer

When I first began this job at the Star just over 23 years ago, I never imagined some of the experiences I would have. 
Take today for instance.
I was sent to the scene of an overnight murder where a teenager was shot in the face at 2am.  I didn't get there until 9am mind you.
I first take a few photos with my iPhone to put on our website and then make some more pictures of the scene, the police and the general activity in the area. 


A teenage girl apparently didn't want her photo taken near the scene

Before long I see a trail of fairly fresh blood across the street from the scene.  A few drops could be found every four feet or so.  I go up to one of my buddies from a competing publication, Tyler Anderson and utter the words I never thought I would say in my life, "Tyler, you wanna follow a trail of blood?".
It seems odd asking this of the competition but quite frankly when you are in a very dodgy neighbourhood and there is a guy running around with a gun who is potentially at the end of the blood trail a little company is in order.
We followed this trail around corners, through intersections, even past Photography Drive for a total of 2.6kms according to my GPS.


Tyler Anderson from the National Post scans the ground past Photography Drive

Unfortunately the trail ended after doubling back on itself right beside a small wooded trail.  A short walk down the trail came up with no other leads or evidence of anyone wandering through bleeding so the hunt was over.  I was disappointed there was no bloody door knob at the end with me of course ending up the hero investigator.

Last_bloodThe last drop on the trail

So much for my career in policing.

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