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Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer

Seven months ago the Photo staff were outfitted with iPhones. Two days ago, mine went missing and has caused me more distress then I thought possible.

Rick Madonik eyes a coworkers phone and hopes his replacement comes soon. Dave Cooper Photo 

I'm iPhoneless which leaves me in a bit of a pickle with work. The way we receive our assignments now is electronically. So unless I can find some free WiFi and get to my work email via computer, I'm out of the loop. This is very inefficient since I can't check in with the office (and they can't get ahold of me), can't have a job modified on the fly, and is troublesome when I want to file pictures.

Having now been without a mobile phone for a few days, what I have noticed is the near extinction of public phones. Ok, they aren't that hard to find, but nor are they easy to find - as they once were. So, for the time being, until my replacement phone arrives, my work communication is via the Star's 800 number or my Bell Calling Card. 

Since I got the phone, I live by txt messaging and having 24 hour email availability. I use to make fun of various reporters and photographers for their Blackberry's - or Crackberry addictions. But now, I'm feeling the pain. The withdrawl is problematic. I'm constantly waiting for the vibration of the phone, or a chime, to tell me there's a new message of some sort. I refuse to call it an addiction (yet), so lets just say its very "habit forming."

Some of the things I miss most are Apps (applications which can be added to the phone itself). A few are in constant use: the traffic cam's to try to avoid highway tieups, King Weather radar site to watch inclement weather heading inbound, Police Scanners, etc. Others are in less use, but still very very helpful.

Hopefully my replacement comes soon.

Now, if I had only backed it up properly......  


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