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Toronto Star staff April favourites

Published, unpublished, some of our April favorites in what will become a monthly feature!

DAVID COOPER - Trevor Rogers balances rocks by the boardwalk to the delight and amazement of kids and adults alike. With summer like weather in the 20's today the Beaches looked like a summer weekend with wall to wall people on the beach and on Queen st. East. 

RENE JOHNSTON - Football players line up arm in arm as the casket of teammate and friend Mike McDonald, or Biggie passes into the hearse at his funeral at Westminster United Church in Whitby. The 16-year-old student was stabbed to death at a bus stop near his school.

BERNARD WEIL - Overshadowed by the CN Tower, John Andrews and Mike Rochford untie netting high up poles that were wrapped up for the winter, at the Docks Golf Driving Range.

RICHARD LAUTENSHarmeed Kaurhundal, 10, spins a Chakra-a representation of a traditional Sikh weapon. The Khalsa day parade brought thousands of colourfully dressed Sihks to parade from Canadian National Exhibition to Queen's Park. 

RICK MADONIK - Richard Bansu, of Chaminade College School, runs the first leg of the Junior Boys 4 x 100 during the competition as St. Michael's College School played host to the SnowBall Relays track and field event.  

STEVE RUSSELL - Vale INCO continues to dump slag, the molten byproduct of the smelting process. As the Strike between the Brazilian company and Members of USW 6500 entered its ninth month. 

 TARA WALTON - Mohamed Kajouji (right), the father of Nadia, an 18-year-old Carleton University student who became depressed after leaving her Brampton home and later drowned herself in the Rideau River in March 2008.

LUCAS OLENIUK - The cast and crew of "Unnamed Superheroes", a parody of the film "Kick-Ass", shot in Toronto's port area Tuesday afternoon.  The film is a school project for director and York University student Vas Saranga.  Saranga's films can be watched at www.3shadeproductions.com. 

RE7 Axe
RICK EGLINTON - Graeme Cameron demonstrates the quality of his custom made "Best Made Co." axes from the U.S.

STEVE RUSSELL - Chris Bosh lays on the ground after missing a shot to win the game as the Toronto Raptors lose to the Golden State Warriors 113-112 at the buzzer at the Air Canada Centre.   

TONY BOCK -  Kevin Youkilis out at home in the first inning on the throw from right fielder Travis Snider to catcher John Buck, after J. D. Drew singles on a ground ball to right. 

MICHELLE SHEPHARD - GUANTANAMO BAY - A detainee runs the track inside Camp 4, where "highly compliant" detainees, including Canadian Omar Khadr, are imprisoned. Khadr was 15 when detained in Afghanistan and is charged with five war crimes including murder for the death of Delta Force soldier Christopher Speer. Now 23, his case is the first to go to trial under under the Obama administration this week. 

Cmc-ci-poland local1223
COLIN McCONNELL - The 60th aniversary  jubilee mass  at  St. Casimir's parish on Roncessvales honoured the death of the Polish president, the First Lady and nearly 100 others in the plane crash in Poland.

 RICK MADONIK -  Lyba Spring, sexual health promoter with Toronto Public Health, in her downtown office, with two puberty felt aids which have interchangeable parts to demonstrate to kids the changes that will occur in their bodies.



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Fantastic photos, excellent quality and very interesting subject selection.
I particularly like molten metal and shadowed by CN tower.

i love the 3shade photo!

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