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A busy night at second base, the baseball cliche.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

The play at second base, outside of shooting the pitcher and the batter it is the baseball cliche picture.

Almost every game has somekind of play at second base. And if you ever go to a Jays game you will see that most of the photographers  shoot the game from the first base photo pit. The first base pit is ideal for what we do, it is closer to our filing area, most of the big batters in the game are righty and they are pull hitters and from first base we have a good view of second base. Any double play that happens the shortstop or second baseman that is turning it faces us.

For the most part it is, not to sound like a broken record, cliche! It happens every game, it is the picture we try to avoid sending. 

But, every so often is is just too nice not to send in. Tonight was one of those nights, maybe because the Tampa Bay Rays are so quick on the bases that plays that would have been mundane ended up being more action packed. Their speed increased the margin of error.

Early in the game second baseman Aaron Hill makes the out on Gabe Kapler but cannot complete the double play.

Vernon Wells, right, almost runs into my frame as Adam Lind unsuccessfully tries to break up a double play knocking Sean Rodriguez over. Rodriguez's throw made it in time.

Sean Rodriguez turns the double play as Fred Lewis slides into second as the Toronto Blue Jays lose the rubber match to the Tampa Bay Rays 7-2.

The speedy Tampa Bay Rays break up another double play as Ben Zobrist sends Aaron Hill flying in the ninth inning.

Quick thinking Aaron Hill looks to third base after Ben Zobrist broke up a pivotal double play in the ninth inning.

Some more of the action from the game that does not involve second base.

I said these plays don't involve second base, not second basemen. Aaron Hill make an out in shallow right field to end the first inning.

A fan makes a nice catch on a sharply hit ball.

 Speedy Left fielder Fred Lewis cannot reach this ball that bounced over the wall for a ground ruled double.

Vernon Wells makes contact, but right into a double play! 

Left fielder Carl Crawford makes a catch on Alex Gonzalez in front of the jays bullpen in the eighth inning.

Sr-jays-100502-16 Carl Crawford hurts the Jays again with a grand slam in the ninth inning to crush the Toronto Blue Jays hopes of beating the Tampa Bay Rays.

Carl Crawford is greeted by teamamtes after hitting a grand slam.   

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Steve, Love your first pic of Aaron Hill! I've been following your work on thestar photo blog since the olympics - not only are you a great photographer but you have a real knack for telling the story too. Keep up the good work :-)

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