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Peaceful beginnings, violent ending as G20 protests grip Toronto

A look at a full day of G20 protests across the city through the lenses of five staff photographers.

G20 protest 0626 19
RICHARD LAUTENS - Protesters have a bit of a love-in following the initial march. Tens of thousands came out to protest the G20 meetings this afternoon.  They marshalled at Queen's Park and marched through the streets.  Originally very peacefull, the protest turned ugly with smashed windows and the police public order unit finally coming in to quell the crowd at the intersection of College and University. 

STEVE RUSSELL - Falun Gong and Falun Dafa practioners protest peacefully in the rain as a variety of protests directed at the G20 Summit are held at Queen's Park in Toronto.

STEVE RUSSELL - A Uygur protests against China at Queen's Park get ready to march during a protest of  G20 Summit.

MK 31364A
BERNARD WEIL - Flowers were thrown at the riot police on Spadina Avenue.

G20 protest(10)
CARLOS OSORIO - Riot Police, some with flowers, stand their ground on Queen Street during the G20 protests.     

STEVE RUSSELL -  Police in soft hats watch protesters walk by on Queen Street West. The police are backed up by officers in riot gear.

STEVE RUSSELL - Police in riot gear watch over protesters of  the G20 Summit in Toronto. 

G20 protest
CARLOS OSORIO - A protester weeps infront of a line of riot police, she said that she just wishes to be let through and have her right to protest in peace in Toronto's downtown core.

BERNARD WEIL - Police guard Queen and John Streets.

BERNARD WEIL - Protestors block police that surrounded their police car on Queen Street west.

LO protest01
LUCAS OLENIUK - An anarchist attacks the media on Queen Street West.

LO protest08
LUCAS OLENIUK - An anarchist group broke away from the main protest at Queen and Spadina and began to vandalize police cars, media trucks and storefronts throughout the city.

LO protest05
LUCAS OLENIUK - Anarchists vandalize a police cruiser on Bay Street before setting it on fire.

LUCAS OLENIUK - Protesters attack a police car at Bay and King during the G20 in downtown Toronto.

G20 protest(9)
LUCAS OLENIUK - Police regroup as Anarchist protesters wreak havoc in Toronto's downtown core during the G20 protests.

LO protest02
LUCAS OLENIUK - Anarchists terrorized Yonge Street Saturday smashing windows and vandalizing anything that came into their path.      

G20 protest(7)
CARLOS OSORIO - A man finds a spot to rest after Anarchist protesters wreaked havoc in Toronto's downtown core during the G20 protests.

STEVE RUSSELL - A security Guard rescues a customer from the ATM area of the TD back at Queen and Bay after Anarchists broke the window.

LO protest06
LUCAS OLENIUK - An anarchist group travelling north on Yonge Street smashed windows.

G20 protest 0626 01
RICHARD LAUTENS - A window of Winners on College street gets smashed by a woman.Tens of thousands came out to protest the G20 meetings this afternoon.  They marshalled at Queen's Park and marched through the streets.  Originally very peacefull, the protest turned ugly with smashed windows and the police public order unit finally coming in to quell the crowd at the intersection of College and University.

G20 protest 0626 24
RICAHRD LAUTENS -  A chair get thrown through the window of  Tim Hortons near the corner of Yonge and College.

G20 protest 0626 09
RICHARD LAUTENS - Police fire into the crowd on University at College.

  LO queenspark01
LUCAS OLENIUK - The riot ended at Queens Park but there were little outbreaks across the downtown.

G20 protest 0626 21
RICHARD LAUTENS - A man tries to talk to one of the officers in the line at college and University.

G20 protest(4)
CARLOS OSORIO - Protesters clash with police at Queen's Park during the G20 protests.

STEVE RUSSELL - A woman is overcome by emotion on Yonge Street after violence broke out in protests for  G20 Summit.

STEVE RUSSELL - Police arrest a pair of protesters on College Street near Queen's Park.

STEVE RUSSELL - A protester breaks up a police car at Queen Street West near Spadina, two damaged police cars were left on the street during a protest of  G20 Summit.

STEVE RUSSELL - A protester is overcome by smoke after attempting to put out a fire in a police car at Queen Street West near Spadina.

STEVE RUSSELL - The first of two cruisers burns on Queen Street West near Spadina, two damaged police cars were left on the street.

CARLOS OSORIO - Demonstrators clash with police at College and University as the sun sets.     

RICHARD LAUTENS - The police finally move in on protesters who refused to move, kicking some to get up just south of the Legislature.     

STEVE RUSSELL - The window at the Starbucks at Queen and John is broken during a protest of  G20 Summit.        


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Are we sure that these "anarchists" weren't actually cops disguising themselves as protesters to bring a bad name to protesters?

These photos are amazing - they capture the scene perfectly - showing the good and the evil in the protests.

In regards to the rubber bullets comment and picture...i believe they were firinh gas canisters...hence the gas masks. Don't always trust the caption...as seen with the picture of the guy overcome by smoke...i watched him get dragged into a police cruiser on cp24

The taglines on these pictures are incredibly inaccurate.

"CARLOS OSORIO - Demonstrators clash with police at College and University as the sun sets."

There is one "demonstrator" & he's getting punched in the head...

Very suspect journalism.

These photos are absolutely incredible, you are extremely talented. I was there and to be clear we are talking about 20-30 kids causing trouble, it's ridiculous.

Silvia, the legit protesters' message was lost the second things turned ugly. Do you think anyone's listening now? Since it's all but impossible to separate the peaceful and violent groups, the general idea is now that the lot are criminals. You can believe it or don't, argue it or not, it doesn't matter. I care about all the things you mentioned, but do you think I can hear your message over bricks smashing glass? You've all wasted your time and an enormous amount of money in security costs...how many people do you think are going to help your cause now?

wow, people sitting in the "free speech zone" getting kicked by the people protecting and serving them.

25Bar: The black bloc or the riot police?

From your description I assume you mean both.

Black bloc is a tactic. It doesn't necessarily mean you identify with "anarchists". Also, a more appropriate name for these people would be looters, rioters, vandals, etc. "Anarchist" is a word misused constantly. Anarchy is not synonymous with chaos or destruction! Anarchy in the literal sense means a lack of hierarchies, but has been constantly abused to mean chaos and destruction. Kind of like how atheism has been contorted for centuries to mean "devil worship" by priests and preachers.

Re : Posted by: Steven | 06/27/2010 at 01:01 AM
Steve Paikin has been using twitter from out on the streets all day. So, unless you have proof that he wears Depends you might want to, I dunno, shut your mouth.

No not great pictures. This is SICKENING. Complain about billion dollar costs then smash everything. I realize it's only a few doing this but still....

Childishly sickening behavior.

Everyone was provoking the police, black clothes or not. If you weren't there do not speculate.

Sad pictures from this lovely town.
Although an unpleasantly common sight wherever these meetings tend to take place.
Seeing these picture from each and every town over the world being the same, I cannot help myself but see some scheme being acted out. Vandalism by sunshaded, blackshirted folks producing those telegenic pictures headlining the evening news - being responded to by the police beating up old hippies and kicking citizens.
Why can I see a pattern here? Cui bono?

Why would Harper hold this summit in Toronto? There are other places to host a couple of hundred people - like in the mountains; or in some remote corner of Quebec, where millionaire Americans spend their summers! What about Malbaie, where there's an 1100-room chateau overlooking the St. Laurence?

This is Harper just trying it on. He wants to have fun trying on - militarizing Canada's cities. He wants to see what it feels like to flex official muscle at home - not in the middle east, but at home. I know that the military has new camouflage uniforms that will camouflage them in Canadian cities; so you have to wonder why that would be necessary. By the time Canada figures it out, it's going to be too late.

The Black Bloc do not look "lazy, drugged out" etc. They look really fit, and pretty damn active. What a stupid assumption to make - that they're just "hippies"??? Take a look at actual hippies from the 60s; they were nothing like this; this is a militant action, militant group. Fact is - the world is in a very serious state, and it does take violence to bring it to people's attention. We could be extinct in 100 years, and the damage has all been caused by corporations, and greed.


What a sick group of people. You can obviously tell that none of these cowards has a job. What working person disrespects someone else's property that way? If these scumbags put as much effort into working for a living as they did to causing violence and destruction, they would have nothing to protest about. They were probably just upset because they have been broke there entire lives. We need to stand behind and support our Police Service 100%.

Great photos thank you for the record. Unfortunately in the main the police didn't appear to go after the criminals but saved their wrath for the non violent participants. It wasn't that difficult to tell them apart.

The police were firing tear gas..., not rubber bullets. Look carefully at the gun.

I hope that the peaceful protestors can see that it is not the government or the police that are infringing on thier right to freedom of speech and right to protest, but the violent and destructinve people who are breaking windows and burining cars. Instead of sitting in front of the police lines and refusing to move perhaps they should try to sit around their fellow protestor, the ones that are dressed all in black and keep them from showing the world exactly why so much taxpayers money had to be spent on security. All it takes are a few bad apples to ruin it for the rest, I am ashamed that this has happened in Canada.

All those police around and they couldn't stop the window smashers?
Poor tactics on the part of the police.

the police do not use rubber bullets in Toronto. What they are firing is pepper spray cannisters, that's why there's the big cloud...rubber bullets wouldn't have smoke like that

@Silvia, so violent action is okay as long you believe you're right? You're going to encourage these criminals in acts of vandalism and attacking police and then claim the moral high ground? Thanks for making the comments section entertaining.

"The photo posted that says a protester is overcome by smoke after trying to stop the fire is actually of the guy who stood on the car and lit it on fire at Queen West.

Posted by: Jasmine | 06/27/2010 at 12:17 AM"

I don't think it's the same guy. The guy on the cop car has a brush cut except for two long stands in the front (like Devil horns?) and one one strand in the back.

Putting out the fire?!?! No no that was the guy that started it! I was there, he was arrested.

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