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The perpetual perp walk, the Russell Williams trial.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

I'm cold, I'm windburned, I'm bored, I'm glad I'm not inside.

It has been cold and windy, the days are long and boring, a lot of hurry up and wait, long stretches of boredom followed by a few bursts of rapid activity, but I am glad to be outside on this one.

Even a day like Wednesday, where we would have seen the interrogation/downfall of Russell Williams, what followed, the victim impact statements and the previous two days of the presentation of the agreed statement of facts would have been brutal to sit through. I don't envy anyone who had to sit through the testimony and evidence presented in court.

The three days I have been here covering the trial are all the same,

5:30 am - wake up call

6:00 am - arrive at court to set up ladder, make pictures of reporters waiting to get in

7:30 am - photograph arrival of Russell Williams from top of an eight foot ladder, file pix

9:30 am -  (or half hour before court starts) arrival of Lloyd family, file pix

10 am - court starts, rush to eat breakfast before Morning break then go to front of the court to see what's going on

1:00 pm - lunch break, out front of court looking for principals

2 pm - court resumes go file

Afternoon break

4:30 pm - on ladder waiting for court to end, after departure run to front to see if any family talking to media and then back to back to wait for lawyers and crown. FileTear down ladders

6 pm - hotel and re-edit

Anytime we cover these events it's hard, we have to figure out the balance of coverage.

What we have to balance is how we cover the accused and the victims.

I feel for the Lloyds, the large amount of media coverage makes it difficult to get pictures sometimes and we end up pushing the bubble around the family a little too much.

A couple days ago we ticked off Andy Lloyd, the brother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd.

I would have been upset too. Mr. Lloyd is in a tough spot and on that day when he and his mother left court before hearing the agreed statement of facts concerning the death of his sister, the balance we seek as a photojournalists and subject might have been upset a little.

Andy Lloyd is a brave man, as the family spokesperson he faces us all the time. He keeps Jessica in the story.

In his victim impact statement on Wednesday inside court, Andy Lloyd expressed the frustration of being the centre of all the media attention while he and his family are still going through the grieving process. Yet he shows up at almost every court appearance with one purpose in mind : to make sure that the story was also about his sister and her life. A heavy burden.

Monday 6:53 am A sniper takes up position on a nearby rooftop.

Monday, 7:41 am October 18, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams, the former base commander at CFB Trenton arrives at the Belleville Court. Williams plead guilty to killing two women, sexually assaulting two others and to a string of fetish break, enter and thefts.

Monday, 7:42 am October 18, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams, the former base commander at CFB Trenton enters the Belleville court.

Monday 9:09 am October 18, 2010 Family and Frieds of the victims lead by Andy and Roxanne Lloyd, the brother and mother of Jessica Lloyd. Clues from her tragic death lead to the capture of Russell Williams.

Monday 3:17 pm October 18, 2010 Police unlock the gate of the makeshift sallyport.

Monday 4:58 pm October 18, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams, the former base commander at CFB Trenton leaves the Belleville court after a court appearance.

Monday 5:06 pm October 18, 2010 Andy Lloyd, brother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd speaks to media about the day and the day the family will face Tuesday.

Monday 5:09 pm October 18, 2010 Andy Lloyd, leaves court after patiently ansewering the media's questions.

Tuesday 5:59 am October 19, 2010 Media line up at 6 am for what will be the most gruesome day as facts about the sexual assaults and the murders will be read in court. 

Sr-RussellWilliams-101019-04Tuesday 7:40 am October 19, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams arrives.

Tuesday 7:44 am October 19, 2010 A sniper sits on a nearby roof.

Tuesday 9:22 am October 19, 2010 Roxanne Lloyd, mother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd leads a group of family and friends to court.

Tuesday 10:52 am October 19, 2010 Andy and mother Roxanne Lloyd leave court before the agreed statement of facts is read on the two murder cases which includes their kin, Jessica Lloyd.

Tuesday 12:02 pm October 19, 2010 Jasmine Hazelwood, 16, protests outside the courthouse.

Tuesday 3:06 pm October 19, 2010 Friends and family of Jessica Lloyd get some fresh air after listening to the Agreed Statement of Facts concerning the murder of their friend. 

Tuesday 3:50 pm October 19, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams leaves.

Tuesday 4:21 pm October 19, 2010 Crown attorney Lee Burgess takes questions after court.  

Wednesday 6:09 am October 20, 2010 Once again, reporters line up before the sun rises to get into court.

Wednesday 7:07 am October 20, 2010 Reporters file into into court, which will start at 9:30 am.

Wednesday 7:37 am October 20, 2010   Under heavy police protection Russell Williams' van pulls into the makeshift sallyport.

Wednesday 8:32 am October 20, 2010 A sniper watches over the back of the court house. 

Wednesday 8:49 am October 20, 2010 Andy Lloyd and Roxanne Lloyd, brother and mother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd lead family and friends to the court house.

Wednesday 4:27 pm October 20, 2010 Andy Lloyd, brother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd speaks to media after he and his mother and family and friends gave victim impact statements. 

Wednesday 4:30 am October 20, 2010 Andy Lloyd, brother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd speaks to media.

Wednesday 8:23 am October 20, 2010 A pair of yellow roses were placed in front of the court house in memory of Jessica Lloyd and Marie-France Comeau. 

My day on Thurday?

5:30 am - wake up call

6:00 am - arrive at court to set up ladder,..........

Monday 4:30 pm October 18, 2010, Print and television media await the departure of Russell Williams.

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i hope he gets hang for what he did to the ladys and what he did with panties like what a sick man in this world.i hope someone goes after him for what he did to other girls.what a sick f*** .Someone will get him in jail or outside for what he did.im so sorry to the family and friends to jessica lloyd and the other lady.

I saw the young lady's poster on the photo-page, stating that she thinks that Williams deserves the death-penalty. In response to that—

No matter how heinous, killing a man does not rectify an issue. At best, doing so is merely an unhealthy way to gain some quick catharsis, and is to take the "easy way out" (as opposed to jailing someone, for eternity). Killing Williams might be a quick, and perhaps a fitting end—but certainly, to do so would not go so far as to prevent future cases like his from emerging.

Williams is psychologically disturbed. I'm inclined to wonder, What made him this way? Methinks that he is a manifestation of something greater than himself. "Of what", it is imperative to learn!

I think that he should be studied, and made an example of—and, that the results of the studies should be made public, and in such a way as to keep it (the public) in the loop. Ideally, your every-day man (or woman) would have the chance to more easily learn exactly just what goes into the making of an individual such as Williams—thus, he or she would be better equipped to spot another like Williams in the various stages of development, and, take action, if warranted. Yes, let us see some applied psychology practised, publicly!

A valuable opportunity to learn a great deal has presented itself. I think it would be wise to take advantage of it.

There are no words to describe my sadness as all is just so horrendous xo xo from Gillian, a Mum, Vancouver Canada & her 19 yr old daughter at U of T .

Sorry Tristan, I don't agree with you. Williams and his ilk are like a cancer to this society. What do you do with cancer? You cut it out. He not only deserves the death penalty, he deserves to suffer a slow painful agonizing death. Maybe there's a small chance he will begin to understand what he's put not only the victims through, but what he's permanently done to the lives of these families and friends.

Trying to study and analyze this, to even attempt to understand such behaviour is not possible from our standpoint. None of us are criminal psychologists. or specialists in this field. Even those people are saying that that Williams' behaviour defied profiling. The parameters are constantly changing, and THAT is what is so unsettling.

Great work Steve. It must be a true struggle balancing respect for the family members of the victims and getting the eye catching newsworthy shots. It must test ones moral integrity at times.

A more fitting example of why the death penalty should be imposed in extreme circumstances is not possible. The families will never see justice in their lifetimes, and Williams' execution wouldn't have provided it either, but it would at least have been the closest they could have gotten to it.

As odd and wrong as it is, I can't help but feel for Col. Williams and his family. As sick as he is, I get the feeling he is truly remorseful. I know I'm playing devil's advocate here, but I can't imagine what it must be like for him right now.

Dig a hole, put him in it up to his thighs, tie his hands (with black plastic ties), and let the families gather. See how it ends up. I'm guessing this guy would endure significant pain before he's allowed to die.

There is no God, I don't believe anymore, a God in the historical image we have all learned would not allow these things to happen to wonderful innocent people.

@ lorie hughie:
I disagree he deserves to die for this and when you said "killing a man does not rectify an issue", he is not human if he is capable of this

the more i read, the more i feel for the parents, family and dear friends who have to continue to endure this horrific nightmare. it is beyond my understanding.
i am indifferent to the existence of this said criminal (i can't bring myself to validate him - and call him by his name). i do not believe he should be able to collect a pension or have any assets - those monis should go to the families left struggling with the emotional rape he ensued on them.
i think it is important that we have more transparency with cases like this. it is important that the public are made aware of the process, the impact and if the punishment truly justifies the crime that these criminals are charged with.
i am consumed with dismay and utter saddness but at the same time enraged and disgusted that we and a community walked alongside someone of this evil calibre.
if the armed forces are there to protect - who was there to protect these victimes from someone who represented the armed forces. it is just shameful regardless of what angle you look at it from.

It is heartwrenching reading the particulars of these horrendous crimes. I'm very glad Mr. Williams was apprehended and that the wheels of justice are turning as they should. Kudos to Mr. Smyth and the entire criminal investigation team for excellent work in bringing this monster to justice.

No, we don't have the death penalty here, but in cases such as this, where we have a perp admitting to his wrongdoing, perhaps we should reconsider.... i do not know, quite honestly, which side of that fence i belong on, since the death penalty is murder too, but i do not believe an abberation such as Mr. Williams should get to live out the rest of his life in relative carefree comfort. Ditto re: Paul Bernardo.

My heart goes out to the families of Marie-France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd, and all Mr. William's victims. RIP Marie-France and Jessica.

Great work and much appreciated by this reader. The impact that the trauma contained in this trial has upon the media who are covering it really worth noting.

Disgraced soon to be be ex-col Williams do not deserve any public funds to keep them alive. He deserves the death penalty... a slow painful agonizing death, much like he delivered to his vicitms. His vile, criminal, sexually deviant behavior has devastated the lives of these families and friends.

He wants his pension of 60K oer annum to give to his wife to pay off her mortgage and put in his bank accont. Meanwhile, this woman makes about $140K a year and has no children. The money should be given to the victims and their families. If the govt gives this despised killer a dime, I will lose complete respect for canadian justice. williams should die for his crimes not held in perpetuity in KP/PC to a tune of millions of taxpayers' dollars.

Canada's justice system doesn't seem enough for this beast. Feed him to the Taliban. Williams deserves the Taliban's brand of punishment.

Williams is sick and twisted and deserves no other address than just Williams, he is not a man and definitely should not be referred to as a Colonel, a Colonel is someone how has taken a vow to stand and protect this country and the people in it, he has done the complete opposite and was a threat to the country instead. He does not feel remorseful, he smirks and snickers at the evidence presented, there is no way to know what goes on in his mind. Psychological testing may result in minimal understanding of his basic disregard for right and wrong, but he is a pro, he knew what he was doing and liked it, that is evident. Again, it was a basic DISREGARD for right and wrong, he had choices and he chose these actions. He is a monster in the flesh. I feel no sorrow for him because he feels no sorrow for anyone else. He deserves pain and more pain, how would he react if the roles were reversed? Damn him and let him rot, throw him in with general public he does not deserve any protection. I do not understand why prisons protect these monsters, what makes them deserving of security? Go to hell Williams, you will get yours!

Thank all that is goodness that the police did their jobs so quickly. Unlike Bernardo, this creature was stopped before any more victims could be harmed. Nothing will ever bring back the people that he killed, nor undo the psychological harm inflicted on the family & friends of all the victims. I have, just like many others, berated the police, but at times like this, we are all glad that they are there for us doing a difficult & sometimes thankless job.

I have been glued to this story from Williams capture and throughout the entire trial.
My heart goes out to the victims and families - and to the wife of Williams - to be married to a man for 14 years and have no clue as to the monster inside the uniform.
TO waste away in prison as Paul Bernado does, for 25 years is such a waste of tax payers money. I agree with a former post here - when someone confesses to such crimes, lift the capital punishment ban and put an end to his life. Why rot for 25 years in jail? So we can spend more money to research his inner makings of how he became this disgusting monster? I think we place him in an enclosed courtyard, tie his hands up with the black ties he used on his victims and let Andy Lloyd and Comeau's boyfriend beat him to a pulp and then suffocate him (all of this of course to occur with a couple of snipers around just in case) - and hae it a pay-to-view on the Internet and let all monies and proceeds taken in go to the victims families! He does not deserve to see another sunrise or sunset and his special place in hell is waiting - send him!

My prayers are with the families who have been truly broken. Jessica's mother expressed it best...."I am a broken woman". Let's pray for their healing over the days, months and years ahead. Far too much press has been given to the details of the monstrous acts of Russell Williams.

This is simply in response to the comment left by Neil?? I cannot believe you comment? Are you kidding me? as per your quote " you cannot help but feel for the family of Russell Williams" and you other quote " I cant imagine what it must be like for him right now" ?
Not once din you comment did you mention the Victims and/or their families?
Perhaps you are yet another individual who needs to be mentally and phycologically tested. I cannot believe people like you walk this earth!

To the Victims Miss Jessica Lloyd and Marie Francis Comeau and their families..no words will ever take your pain away but pls know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during my time here on earth!
God Bless.

Actually Stella, the comment was from Jordy not Neil....and I really agree with you!

Sorry isn't enough to say for your loss!! All I can say is that I grieve with all of you.


While I am glad that Williams will never see daylight unless it is piped into him with a garden hose, there are a few things that need to be clarified, and I want to ensure they are on the record.

1. Williams is evil incarnate; of this, there is no dispute.
2. The innocent parties in this whole sordid matter are the following:
a. Murder victim Marie Comeau
b. Murder victim Jessica Lloyd.
c. Two rape and assault victims.
d. The entire membership of the Canadian Forces who were soiled by this man's actions; and especially
e. The biggest living victim of the whole matter, namely, Williams' wife.

Williams' wife (who more than likely is divorcing, or has already divorced him) has to live with the infamy of his depravity. This woman did NOTHING WRONG and is 100% INNOCENT of any wrongdoing because of the secret double life he was living behind all of Canada's back. I swear that if this rape victim files suit against Williams' wife and seeks financial gain of even $0.01, and bothers that innocent woman even one iota, I will do all within the law to encourage everyone in Canada to engage in a backlash against this person.

Granted, she suffered a brutal rape from Williams. However, doing a 'rape-back' of Williams' wife such as she is 'trying' with this lawsuit would be a case of two wrongs making a right, and would make her as evil as that piece of crap rotting in Kingston. What that rape victim needs to do is work out a settlement with the Crown on the Williams matter and close it out with a non-disclosure agreement to make sure the rape victim (a), gets the professional help she needs; and (b), keeps her damn mouth shut!

As for Williams' pay that the Defense Minister is seeking to take away from the day of his arrest: As a rule of law, it IS NOT going to happen. Williams' pay can only be taken away from the day of conviction, as unless we are in France or some other third world country, we are innocent until either proven or otherwise adjudged GUILTY. Williams' pay and his retirement pension are untouchable, and should be paid to his wife to do with as she sees fit...if anything, it is small compensation for the shame she is being involuntarily forced to endure because of the bad choices of a man she once loved more than any other.

This devil deserves death penalty

Dear Lise- so Jane Doe should "keep her damn mouth shut". Unbelievable sentiment. As for Harriman, she visits Williams weekly. After the civil suit was filed, Harriman and Williams had her beloved new home put into her name only-that is why she is named in the civil suit. Seems like an odd time to be protecting assets. She also contacted the police to complain that her floors were scratched during the initial police search. She wants 3 grand to have them replaced. The Ontario tax payers apparently will be paying her this sum. No, she did nothing illegal. Morally-this CEO makes my stomach turn. I hope that Jane Doe receives Williams pension and any and all assets these two have . He will be fed, watered, and sheltered in his old age. I am sure that his Mrs. and his sweet cat have plenty of cash tucked away for their retirement as well.

I don't agree that Williams should get any pay from the time he pled guilty and went to jail. Maybe there is a law as Tim says however why are we paying someone who is not working. That one I don't understand. He was in jail. I think I would call that LWOP. He disgraced the Canadian Armed Forces. Also why are we paying him a pension. I realize he contributed to his pension and I think that he should get "return of contributions" and that is it.
I also realize that Mrs. Williams is 100% innocent however she is not the one who worked for this pension or this pay. It has nothing to do with her. It is HIS PAY AND HIS PENSION. He should be paying the Canadian taxpayers room and board for the next 25 years and hopefully for the rest of his life. I trust that we have provided him the comforts of home because that will be his home for the rest of his life.
If she is divorced from him already she is not entitled to his pay and only half of his pension. And only half his pension for the time that they were married and if I am correct that would be only 10 years. You say small compensation for HER SHAME..........I say SHAME ON YOU. Why do you think that she should be compensated and not the victim(s). Do you think they stood up and voluteered and said "pick me pick me"....No of course not they were also involontarily forced to be at that man's mercy. I guess you do not realize what it is like to be violated by another person, brutally raped over and and over again, all the while being photographed. The woman is seeking compensation from Williams and not Mrs.Williams. Do you realize what it would feel like to live in a home once you found out that this evil person had violated your privacy and stole your belongings. The feeling is undescribable.
I understand that Mrs Williams was quick to sue the OPP for damage done to her condo floor while they were investigating and removing boxes.. My my her floor was violated and she is seeking compensation of $3000.00 so the story goes. Does this in any way equate to your body being violated and the right to sue that vicious animal. I say this victim and all the other victims are entitled to all the compensation they can get. Small price to pay but it would help financially and hopefully the woman is well enough to raise her child. As the rumour mill goes Mrs. Williams was visiting the sicko in jail in Napanee. In my opinion she was not there to support him. I believe she was there to discuss the best way to split their assets so that the victim(s) could not seek any compensation from HIM which of course would affect her. I think this is totally inhumane. If I was married to such a sick person I wouldnn't even want his blood money or anything that belonged to him. I would take what is rightfully mine,(what I worked for during the ten year marriage) divorce the animal and move on with my life. I understand how she must feel, she must be truly affected by this however she is alive and she can seek help. Money would be the last thing on my mind.
In closing I would like to express my deepest sincere condolences to the families who were violated. It is a true Canadian tragedy that is affecting all of us. It has been a very very stressful time and I applaude the Lloyd family in particular. They showed courage and determination and stood up against that killer all in the memory of their darling Jessica. I respect the others and in particular the Comeau family for their need for privacy while grieving for their beloved Marie France.

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