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2010 through the lens of David Cooper.

David Cooper is the Energizer Bunny of photojournalism at the Star. 

He started with the Toronto Telegram and was a Day Oner at the Toronto Sun before he came over to the Star.

"Coop" brings an unbelievable enthusiasm to One Yonge Street and his approach to photography every shift.

                                                                                                                -Steve Russell

David Cooper - Chief Photographer

November 2 2010 - The controversial 13-acre plot of land that was supposed to be a Home Depot on the waterfront and that sparked massive resistance by politicians and residents has been sold to a consortium of developers from New York and Toronto, the Star has learned. Cooper used a tripod and shot a series of pictures that he stitched together.

November 11 2010 -  The colour guard arrives at the Remembrance Day ceremonies that were held Thursday morning in Kew Gardens at the Beach Cenotaph on Queen Street.

December 9 2010 - Fedeline Brunelus has had a baby boy - Nathaniel Louis-Jean, born November 21, since returning to Montreal from Haiti. Brunelus talked with the Star's Montreal Bureau chief Andrew Chung about life now almost a year after arriving on AC flight 950 two hours before the earthquake struck. 

April 2 2010 -  Trevor Rogers balances rocks by the boardwalk to the delight and amazement of kids and adults alike.

June 24  2010 -  Cleanup begins in Smith's Trailer Park and Camp in Midland, Ontario. A Tornado crashed through the large group of trailers in Midland Wednesday evening destroying numerous homes. Al MacDonald help search for valuables in his friend Lloyd Scott destroyed trailer.

January 28 2010- uses the picks on the ends of his sticks to propel him down the ice surface and stick handle the puck at the same time.

March 12 2010 - Betty and Rolly Fox parents of Terry carry the flame into the stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

March 15 2010 -  Whistler Olympic Park - Brian McKeever #37, with his older brother, Robin McKeever, who competes as his guide cross the line to win Canada's first Gold Medal in the 20km Free at the 2010 Paralympics.

March 17 2010 -  Vancouver Waterfront: Spring like weather in a small park on the waterfront near Canada Place. 

March 18 2010 -  Japanese goalie Mitsuru Nagase #39 raises his arms in victory and is  joined by Captain #10 Takayuki Endo,  Noritaka Ito #59, and Satoru Sudo #24 Canada lost 3-1 to Japan in the semifinal game. Japan goes to the gold medal game Saturday and Canada goes for the Bronze Friday in the 2010 Paralympic Games.

March 19 2010 - Josh Dueck of Canada came 13th at the 2010 Vancouver Paralympic Games.

 February 24 2010 - Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh, out with an injury signals a phone call to someone in the front row.

March 3 2010 - The flamboyant Can-Am singer Rufus Wainwright at the Four Seasons Hotel.

February 26 2010 -  Pedestrians continue to jaywalk across Bay Street between the Go Bus terminal and Union Station at rush hour.

February 28 2010 - Anthony Calligaro, Cheryl Calligaro, and Ben Stewart from Markham celebrate in Dundas Square as Canada wins the Gold medal for Men's Hockey.

September 6 2010 -  The Canadian International Air Show went ahead on the last day of the CNE down at the waterfront. Gray skies and some light rain didn't affect the show. A Westjet  737 aircraft passes in the background as The Canadian Forces Snowbirds finished of the show is spectacular fashion.

October 8 2010 - Competitors are chosen when their names fall out of a burst balloon at the start of a round at Art Battle 8, a painting competition involving rookie artists plucked out of the crowd, which then becomes the jury. Artists paint in the middle of the hall under bright lights, with house music pulsing. Art Battle will celebrated its one-year anniversary with its eighth event at the Great Hall on Queen St. West.

October 8 2010 - Small single engine aircraft made a forced landing on the west bound lanes of the 407 east of Woodbine Avenue. No injuries or damage.

July 21 2010 - Canada's Mike Weir winces in pain as he reaches for his right arm on the 11th Tee during Pro-Am day at the 2010 RBC Canadian Open played this year at St. Georges golf and C.C. in Toronto. Weir droped out the the Pro-Am shortly after that.

July 23 2010 - MIke Weir fans dressed as Masters Caddies stand behind the firt green watching the play Friday during the second round of the 2010 RBC Canadian Open played this year at St. Georges golf and C.C. in Toronto.

September 24 2010 - An apartment fire at 200 Wellesley still burning. Woman stands on her balcony several stories above the flames trapped by the smoke in her apartment. The fire was still burning two hours after the first alarm.

September 25 2010 - The apartment fire on the 24th floor at St. James Town 200 Wellesley Street east Friday evening has put close to 1200 people out of their homes. Demetre Papadopoulos and his 14 year old dog Pluto, live on the 11th floor.

July 28 2010 - Action star Dolph Lundgren, in town to talk up The Expendables, his new film with Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis. 


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