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Best of February 2011

The shortest month was not short of great pictures!

KB seniorlove 04
 KEITH BEATY - Jack Gidlow and Eleanor Palmer are 92 and 88, but that doesn't stop them from going dancing at the legion hall every Friday night.

 TARA WALTON - Canadian artist Justin Bieber is greeted by Toronto rapper Drake Tuesday February 1, 2011.  Beiber, Drake and a bunch of fans watched Justin's movie "Never Say Never" together at the AMC Yonge and Dundas theatre during a fan screening of the movie.

RL snow play 07
RICHARD LAUTENS -  Samantha Wedge 17 (left with headband) and Emma Gandy 16 enjoy the day off. For the first time since 1999, the kids of Toronto got to stay home on a snow day as schools were closed.  Riverdale hill was a popular scene for sledders of all ages.

STEVE RUSSELL - Sean Leca from Pickering splashes around the indoor/outdoor pool on the third floor of the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel in Toronto.

STEVE RUSSELL - Snow hits the intersection of College and Yonge late at night in Toronto. February 27, 2011.

DC 020511 1079E
DAVID COOPER - Deven Saxena for Roofworks (in Green) shoots on John Leamy  (in Red) of I.S.P. during action in the Swansea Outdoor Hockey League--the largest outdoor, non-profit league in North America.

TMT Glen Stewart 3
TANNIS TOOHEY - Families take advantage of Glen Stewart Park's two rinks, one for skating and the other for playing hockey Sunday morning. 

STEVE RUSSELL - Gung Hay Fat Choy, Two-year-old Serena Zhang watches performers from the Chi-Ping Dance Group as the local  Chinese community welcomes their new year, the Year of the Rabbit at the Scarborough Civic Centre.

STEVE RUSSELL - The new tracks of the double cross-over are hot welded together, the two rails to be joined are super heated then welded and then the weld is levelled, as seen in this picture. TTC crews worked around the clock in 12 hour shifts just south of College Station installing a track feature called a double crossover. A double crossover is a set of switches that link two parallel railway lines. It appears like an X in between two sets of tracks, and will allow northbound trains to cross over to the southbound line, and vice-versa. The system already has 19 double crossovers; the one being installed south of College station will be number 20.

CMC- wh-autoshow116A
COLIN MCCONNELL -  A giant polar bear fills up one of the Nissan zero emmission cars at the Toronto International Auto Show.

STEVE RUSSELL - Zhen Park-Vandal, 8 and her mother Suzanne Park dance in the interactive workshop as the National Ballet of Canada hosts a Free and Fun Family day at their studios on Queens Quay. The program included an interactive workshop and a one hour performance in Toronto.


CARLOS OSORIO - Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion, turned 90 on February 14 (Valentine's Day). She celebrated with people at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.

CARLOS OSORIO - Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, stands with (l-r) Mayor of Hamilton, Bob Bratina, Mayor of Markham, Frank Scarpitti and Deputy Mayor of Toronto Doug Holyday during the Toronto Summit.

CARLOS OSORIO - The mayor places a pin on volunteer Gladys Taylor. Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion spent part of her 90th birthday at Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga. The mayor was invited to the Wear Your Heart event, to kick-off its recognition of the International Year of Volunteers.


CARLOS OSORIO - Jim Ayerst has been living with HIV for 20 years.  He is only 64 but says he feels 80.He is gray-haired and growing old at a rate 15 to 20 years faster than those without the virus. His body is wracked by a host of chronic conditions more often seen in the elderly.

RPJ BradLong 02
RENE JOHNSTON - Portrait of Brad Long in the stark new space. Sneak peak of Brad Long's cutting-edge restaurant set to open soon in Evergreen Brick Works. It will be a model for local, sustainable, ethical, progressive food in the city, and a showpiece for the entire project at the Evergreen Brick Works.

TMT Joffrey Lupul 7
TANNIS TOOHEY - Toronto Maple Leaf, Joffrey Lupul in street clothes, GQ style, for story about his buying new clothes in Toronto, after his trade from L.A.

Vt - batada cab0004
VINCE TALOTTA - Akber Batada's  cab is decorated in a Bollywood theme and he offers karaoke, magazines, and movies to riders. He does it to make people happy.

ANDREW WALLACE -  Local Kate Middleton lookalike models a few looks while Toronto fashion experts weigh in on the future Queen of England's fashion sense.

RICK MADONIK - Sonia Rodiriques, of the National Ballet of Canada, in a rehearsal hall. 

Vt - mehwish0011
VINCE TALOTTA - Mehwish Ali has worn a hijab for the last 10 years, attended school in it, worked at different places in it. But on Wednesday, the 22-year-old from Markham lost her job at Trade Secrets because of the hijab. She says the owner told her she couldn't wear the "black thing" over her head cause Trade Secrets promotes hair products. An angry Ali has called the Human Rights Commission and says she won't give up without a fight.

RPJ BradLong 01
RENE JOHNSTON - Detail of pulled pork grilled cheese sandwiches. Sneak peak of Brad Long's cutting-edge restaurant set to open soon in Evergreen Brick Works. It will be a model for local, sustainable, ethical, progressive food in the city, and a showpiece for the entire project at the Evergreen Brick Works.

KB crickets 05
KEITH BEATY - Nathan Isberg, owner/chef at Atlantic Restaurant on Dundas Street West, preparing crickets. Isberg removes the wings and legs, skewering the little critters, and then grilling them. (They are euthanized by freezing)


CARLOS OSORIO - A man gives a thumbs up from a street car as an anti Mubarak rally marches along College Street on February 4, 2011 . Many people came to to this rally and march to support those in Tahrir Square in Egypt.

JR TunisiaPaper43
JIM RANKIN - Tunisia - The home of Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old fruit vendor set himself on fire on Dec. 17. His face adorns a calendar hung in the enrance way to the home.  His is an conic image throughout the Arab word now. He is considered a martyr and the spark that started the revolution. Former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country last month following a huge public uprising.

JIM RANKIN -  Tunisians celebrate the news that Egypt's Hosni Mubarak is stepping down. Former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country last month following a huge public uprising.

LO brain47A
LUCAS OLENIUK - A protestor, unconscious and not breathing, was rushed away from Bahraini security forces after being shot in the head moments earlier.  A group of Shiite anti-regime demonstrators drew fire from Bahrain security forces near Manama when they tried to march downtown to the Pearl Square from the town of Budaiya Friday evening.  A state sanctioned pro-regime rally was underway in downtown Manama when the clash occurred.

Read the Story Behind this picture of Lucas' here

LO brain05
LUCAS OLENIUK - A young boy holds a picture of Fadhel Salman Matrook during Fadel's burial in Manama, Bahrain Wednesday afternoon.  Fadel was shot to death by government security forces during a peaceful protest that turned violent.  Fadel Salman Matrook is the second demonstrator to be killed in the small country and is considered a martyr by his fellow protestors.

LO jordon celebrate02
LUCAS OLENIUK - A demonstrator stood at the top of a tree as thousands of people took to the street in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Amman, Jordan to celebrate the resignation of Hosni Mubarak as President of Egypt.

LO pearl03
LUCAS OLENIUK - Two brave woman crossed police barricades to deliver flowers to Bahraini riot police.  The group of demonstrators eventually overtook police barricades Saturday afternoon to regain control of the Pearl Roundabout in Manama, Bahrain.

LO pearl19
LUCAS OLENIUK - Bahraini protestors wept, prayed, celebrated and swam after overtaking police barricades Saturday afternoon to regain control of the Pearl Roundabout in Manama, Bahrain.

LO pearl87
LUCAS OLENIUK - Demonstrators celebrated inside the Pearl Roundabout Sunday, February 23, 2011 after the Bahraini government released more than 50 political prisoners in a concession to the protestors demands.  After their release the prisoners were immediately transported to the Pearl Roundabout and were hoisted by the jubilent crowd.





Ricky Romero #24
DAVID COOPER - Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero blew bubbles he played long toss in the outfield today as the Blue Jays worked out at  the Bobby Mattick Training Center at Englebert Complex, in Dunedin. 

Darin Mastroianni #1
DAVID COOPER - Blue Jays right fielder Darin Mastroianni dives but fails to catch a ball off the bat of Jose Bautista during the second Blue Jays inter-squad game at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin. 

Brad Mills #59
DAVID COOPER - Blue Jays Left handed pitch Brad Mills throws during the second Blue Jays inter-squad game at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin. 

STEVE RUSSELL - Goalkeeper Stefan Frei as TFC trains at the Oakville Soccer Centre after returning from Turkey.

RL Rock 13
RICHARD LAUTENS - The Toronto Rock lacrosse team beat Rochester Knighthawks 10-5 at the Air Canada Centre. In second half action, Toronto's Garrett Billings makes a diving shot but it goes off the crossbar behind goalie Matt Vinc.

DAVID COOPER - Now both former Toronto Maple Leafs,  defenseman Francois Beauchemin looks at the mouth of teammate Tomas Kaberle at the end of practice before the Maple Leafs Skate For Easter Seals Kids. 

RICK MADONIK - Tim Brent (yelling)  celebrates his goal goal during NHL action between Toronto Maple Leafs and Atlanta Thrashers at Air Canada Centre on February 7, 2011.

RL raptorsVSheat 45
RICHARD LAUTENS - Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade goes through a little pre-game ritual just as the game is about to start.

RL raptorsVSheat 26
RICHARD LAUTENS -  Fans try to distract Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh as he shoots a free throw.The Miami Heat beat the Raptors 103-95 at the Air Canada Centre.

CARLOS OSORIO - Toronto's Amir Johnson tries to get past Chicago's Carlos Boozer during the 2nd half of NBA action as the Toronto Raptors defeat the Chicago Bulls 118-113

STEVE RUSSELL - Toronto Raptors shooting guard Leandro Barbosa gets above everyone for the board as the Toronto Raptors play the Dallas Mavericks at the Air Canada Centre.

RICK MADONIK -  Ed Davis has sprung 4 arms after fouling Tim Duncan during NBA action between Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs at Air Canada Centre.

STEVE RUSSELL - The frustration shows on Toronto Raptors point guard Jose Calderon as the Toronto Raptors are beat by the Phoenix Suns 110-92 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.





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