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Fashion Week - Day 3

Busy day today. 

Here are some of the highlights. 

Photographing the directors of the Fashion Collective, a production and management team for newer labels.  They were in a bit of a rush so we made some pictures with available light around the venue.

The Lucian Matis show at the Design Exchange. What a setup! In my very humble opinion he had the best stage for his show out of the ones I have seen. He also gets a plus for providing food and drink to starving journalist!  At the Heritage court venue there is only bottles of water and a few cereal bars. I could make the 30 minute walk to get some food but then I might miss out on a show that we are covering. 

A group of photographers battled the hunger by having a pizza delivered to the front of the venue. When Toronto Sun Photographer Stan Behal walked into the media work area time stopped and all eyes were on him and that pizza. Thanks for the slice Stan!

The collective "OOOOOOH" of the crowd when a woman ran across a shiny black runway that had just been uncovered for the Jay Manuel Attitude show.  

 Now for some photos!

 (l-r) Dwayne Kennedy, Kate Mullin and Brian A. Richards of The Fashion Collective.

 The Fashion Collective


 Lucian Matis stage prior to the show


During the show



The runway incident.


 Jay Manuel Attitude Show


All eyes on the model during the David Dixon show


As always my partner in crime during the week Bernard Weil has been kicking some serious butt on the runway. Here are a few of his photos from day 3.


Jay Manuel Attitude


Jay Manuel Attitude


Jay Manuel Attitude



Jay Manuel Attitude



Jay Manuel Attitude










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We attended the Jay Manual show last night. We had paid in advance for our tickets. After being told to show up an hour early at 7:30pm, we stood in line until 8:50pm when it finally started to move. Unfortunately, a large abount of people in the lineup had different type of tickets - invited by the designer and they had the priorty to go in first. This was a problem since there was only one line up for those individuals and everyone else. Once they had squeezed by everyone else, we were told the show was full! We were informed by the security gaurd that there was no more seating with about 50 - 60 people still outside waiting to get in, all who had paid $50 for this show. We were trated poorly as if we were trying to get in for free. Obviously people were not happy, we actually got pushed inside at this point because there was a mob, - a mob at a fashion event - there was two security guards and they could not do anything.

This was one of the most poorly organized events I have been to. Not only did they over sell the tickets to make a profit, they had no explanation to individuals who had paid to attend why this situation occurred, or if they are able to get a refund.

The event started at 9:20pm, 50 minutes past it's start time.

There are some really nice jackets those models are wearing!

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