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Hockey Moms lace up their own skates.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

I loved sports photography before I first got into photojournalism.

Turned out I love shooting everything and everything, well, except for when we door knock a perp.

But, sports photography still has a has a special spot in my heart.

I don't care how big or how small the event is, I'm in!

So when the opportunity came up to do a pictures to accompany Dan Girard's story on some Hockey Moms learning to play hockey I was in. 

After years of hauling kids to rinks, tripping over their kid's and husband's stcks they were going to add to the hockey madness.

These assignments are awesome, you have freedom over where you can shoot from and you meet some great people

After years of lacing up their kids skates, a group of hockey moms are lacing up their own as they are taking up hockey for the first time.


Karen Szulc snaps up her helmet in the dressing room as a group of hockey moms in their 30s and 40s are taking up hockey for the first time. 

The Moms make their way down a hallway to the ice, after drills the women scrimmage, without goaltenders.

Sara Oster has a laugh after a wipe out.

Mari Hodgkinson does a drill where she drops a knee to the ice then lifts up again. The first part of the practice is dedicated to skating drills without a puck.

Nona Morrow has a smile and a little trouble after dropping to a knee.

I hope that this was one of their kids jerseys!

I guess there a extra sticks to trip on in each family.

Until just a few weeks ago, many had never skated on hockey skates, now they're out in full equipment learning the game.

Mari Hodgkinson fires at the net. The second set of drills involves skating with the puck and shooting.

Jen King battles for balance after reaching for a puck.

The biggest advantage of covering this level of hockey is access. A photographer's dream you get to cover the game from ice level. On the ice level. Val Campbell and Karen Szulc face off as the puck is dropped for a scrimage that accounts for the last half of the hockey lesson.

Having a great time out there, Nona Morrow hits the ice in a scramble in front of the net.

One of the mothers hits the hits the ice!

The game gets a little chippy.

Karen Szulc celebrates a goal!

Beth Heyhoe is pink and sweaty after the lesson and scrimage.

Their jerseys don't match, but the smiles do on the Leaside hockey 101 class of 2011 do!



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Amazing photos Steve. Thanks for sharing them with us!
Sara O.

Hi Steve - what great shots. Thanks so much for taking and and posting them....without you it would never happen since we're, in most cases, the family photographers! They will be cherished. Karen S.

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