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Fashion Week - Day 5

Bernard Weil, Chief Photographer/Multimedia


Some parting shots following another year of Toronto Fashion Week.

 After shooting fashion and runway shows on and off at the Star for the last 25 years, I'd say the level of production here at Toronto Fashion Week now easily compares to the shows in Milan, London, Paris and New York. Big venue, good lighting and for gear heads, absolutely the fastest internet connection I've seen! Great for sending 20 images on deadline, in less than a minute.

A tip of my hat to fellow Star photog Carlos Osorio for his help and infectious enthusiasm. Also to George Pimentel for keeping things under control in the photo pit.

Shooting fashion is a great opportunity for me to try something different, whether it's on the runway or in the studio. Below is the result of several lens choices and angles I used to capture the mood and spirit of the event.


 BW_RudsakBW_01blog1pointruleRudsak collection, using a tilt shift lens

Cydelic by Choryin

BW_Lawton120_033011blogHeather Lawton


Anu Raina


BW_Chloe003_032911blogCloe comme Parris  


Anu Raina


Attitude Jay Manuel








Pink Tartan

BW_Shan107_032911blogChantal Levesque. Swimwear in a fall/winter collection? Why not? 


Korhani Rug


Photographers get close and personal before the start of the Heather Lawton show.


Damn. Twenty minutes before the next show! 


Pink Tartan. Back again next year.

Update April 3, 2011 - Here are some links to the regular coverage I shot for the Star's paper and online photo galleries. It's a more straight on approach designed to showcase the clothing.

Holt Renfrew  http://photogallery.thestar.com/963172

Juma http://photogallery.thestar.com/963374

Denis Gagnon/Izma http://photogallery.thestar.com/963297 

Pink Tartan/Joe Fresh  http://photogallery.thestar.com/965522   

Comrags/David Dixon  http://photogallery.thestar.com/966263

Attitude  http://photogallery.thestar.com/966320

Basch by Brandon  http://photogallery.thestar.com/967179

Rudsak  http://photogallery.thestar.com/967139

Vawk    http://photogallery.thestar.com/967531

Amanda Lew Kee  http://photogallery.thestar.com/968069






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Some of these photos were great. Some not, especially the first few. It's fashion photography, but all we see are the model's faces. Can't even see the clothes!

Have to agree... need to see the clothes. The most artistic was the broken camera lens - sorry!

I thought these photos were great. As stated in the opening text, these are interesting shots meant as an overview of fashion week. They are and it is.

Fashion week gets so cluttered that if you've never heard of a designer, why go to the show? So they put them together in one presentation. Stores are more competitive. Consumers are starting to go into stores and see that the clothes all look the same.

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