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Leafs drop season ender and a look back

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

Why is that a season that the home side fails to make the post season seems like a long season?

Here is a look at last night's game followed by some of my favourite pictures from the games I covered in the 2010-11 season.

Toronto Maple Leafs' Dion Phaneuf takes to ice energy before player intros and the anthem.

The first goal of the game went to Montreal Canadiens centre Ryan White.

Call up Matt Frattin levels Montreal Canadiens centre Lars Eller.

Toronto Maple Leafs left wing Mike Brown scraps with Montreal Canadiens centre Ryan White.

Montreal's second goal gets by Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer.

Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price looks at the puck get by him for Toronto's first goal.

Toronto Maple Leafs centre Darryl Boyce (47) tries to reach past Montreal Canadiens centre Scott Gomez.

Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer after he gave up the third goal.

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Roman Hamrlik is checked by Toronto Maple Leafs right wing Joey Crabb.

The origional six rival scuffle in the corner.

Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer denies Montreal Canadiens left wing Mike Cammalleri on a breakaway.

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Carl Gunnarsson (36) and right winger Nikolai Kulemin make a wall to foilMontreal Canadiens centre Scott Gomez.

Joe Colburne saw the puck cross the line and cannot believe the referee didn't as he thought he had his first NHL goal. The goal was waved off and replay did not overturn the on-ice call although most of the fans thought he had the goal after seeing a replay on the scoreboard.

 Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer gives up the fourth goal to Montreal Canadiens centre Tomas Plekanec.

Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer (34) loses his mask in a scramble.

My Leafs eulogy in pictures

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the Leafs 10-11 season.

 October 2, 2010.  Captain Dion Phaneuf leaves the ice after warm-up  as the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Detroit Red Wings 4-2 in their final preseason game.

 October 30, 2010  Toronto Maple Leafs tough guy Colton Orr growls at the Rangers in the pre-game warm-up with pink skates on, Orr and Mike Komisarek will wore the skates to support Breast Cancer.

October 30, 2010. Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Mike Komisarek (8) fights New York Rangers right wing Brandon Prust.

 October 30, 2010 Fans enjoy first period action as the Toronto Maple Leafs play the New York Rangers.

October 30, 2010.  After being hauled down by Kessel, New York Rangers right wing Ryan Callahan converts on the penalty shot as he slips the shot past Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere.

March 2, 2011. Toronto Maple Leafs right wing Nikolai Kulemin tries to get around Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang.

Mrch 2, 2011. Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Matt Niskanen takes Mike Brown into the end boards creating a blizzard.

March 19, 2011. Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer waits under the spot light during player introductions, he would save 35 of 37 shots as the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Boston Bruins 5-2.

March 19, 2011. It might have been the prettiest goal of the season. Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn fires the puck by Tim Thomas for the first goal of the game.

March 19, 2011. Toronto Maple Leafs left wing Fredrik Sjostrom (11)  celebrates  Mike Brown's goal that would chase Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas from the net as the Toronto Maple Leafs take a 5-1 lead after two periods.

March 19, 2011. Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer is named the game's first star as the Toronto Leafs beat the Boston Bruins 5-2.

April 5, 2011. Toronto Maple Leafs fans react as they realize that Buffalo was leading late in the third period, ending the Toronto Maple Leafs' play-off dreams.

April 5, 2011. Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer (34) reacts after giving up the winner in the shoot out as the Toronto Maple Leafs lose their play-off dreams against the Washington Capitals 3-2 in an overtime shoot-out.



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Great shots... Good job. I especially love the March 19th Riemer shot. Are they for sale?

these are amazing

To the editor,

I have been a Leaf fan for over 46 years and no matter what place they finish, I will be always bleed blue blood because it's in my nature not jump ship whever something is not going my way.

True enough that we haven't had the very best on the ice an in standings but in my heart I will never or could never cheer for another team no matter what. NOW thats a true Maple Leaf fan...In my heart I do not want any other blood than the electric TRUE BLUE.

Congrats to all Leafs fan for sticking with them through hard times..I sincerely tip my hat for all the leafs players and managementt for giving me a superb and entertaining show the last 3 months...it was just awesome to see them play with heart and compassion...and kudos to Wilson for belieiving in his young palyers...and Birke is doing just fine and will improve my team but not getting players who want a retirement home like in the past....I would rather see them stay young and grow together and then lets see what we have....we have an exceiting team with lots of talent that needs time and not being yelled at like most do. I LOVE MY LEAFS and thats it for this BOY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Michael Mann

[email protected]

I feel the Leafs are finally on the right track. The rookies look good, Reimer has unlimited potential, and unlike last year, the 2011 Draft is something we all can look forward to. It's all uphill from here....Go Leafs!

Great Photos!!...the fans in Ontario are so luck to be close to the team.

I moved to BC in '92 and there is no other team, I can cheer for. "You can take the boy out of Toronto....but you can't take Toronto out of the boy"

The team is headed in the right direction.

From Chilliwack, BC.....Go Leafs Go!!!!!

I for one will miss this years team. The ups, and downs. The exciting last couple of months. With the right moves early on they could still be playing. In spite of the experts Kadri should have been up all year. Reimer they found by necessity and blind luck. So much for the so called expert coaching, scouting etc. Hopefully the management will keep these guys, and let them play. If they let MacArthur, and or Graboski go then i give up and move on also....

Great pics.This team finally have the winning train of thought.Thanks to Burke some respect is coming back to this great franchise.Most people thought it would take him 5yrs but I say less he'll get the job done in less!!!


you are missing a couple photos, you should include some of Macarthur and Grabovski

Amazing job with all the pictures. Been a Leafs fan for as long as I can remember. Will bleed blue and white forEVER! Hoping an amazing 2011-2012 season for the boys :)GO LEAFS GO!

Great work,Steve."......worth a thousand words."

The leafs have been a brutal team for the last decade and have failed to make the playoffs. there is a bit of a bright side for us leaf fans though... young goalie James Reimer had a spectacular finish to the season and he had the same amount of shutouts in half the season (3) than last years Vezina Trophy winner, Ryan Miller. Who looks better now Brian Burke? Kessel or Seguin. I would rather have Seguin by far because of his extreme upside and only have played one season so far. If the leafs can hit jackpot on the draft this year and get some solid veterans to back them up, we could potentially make a playoff run. GO LEAFS!

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