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Sake brewery

Bernard Weil, Chief Photographer/Multimedia

What better assignment than the opening of a brewery to get out the lights and shoot stills for a change. This one however, is a sake brewery. The Ontario Spring Water Sake Company, in downtown Toronto's Distillery Historic District, is a first for the city and indeed for all of eastern North America. I'm no sake connoisseur, but after the sample I had (yes, a small one), I'll be making a trip back after opening day, April 29, to the public to grab a few gift bottles.


Holding a glass of sake, master brewer Yoshiko Takahashi is framed by large moromi tanks, where the unpressed moromi ferments.

Bottles of sake await the pasteurization process.

Kaz Hayashi inspects specially grown calrose rice used in the brewing of sake. The water comes from a spring near Huntsville Ontario.

Kaz Hayashi looks into one of the large moromi tanks, where the unpressed moromi ferments for 20 days.

Master brewer Yoshiko Takahashi balances precariously as she repositions sake bags in a press, with the help of Kai Kitajima.

Master brewer Yoshiko Takahashi grabs a sake bag from Kai Kitajima to place inside the press. The sake pours out into the container below where it will be further refined. The leftover product in the bags will be used to make salad dressing, ice cream and crackers. 

Samples of fermenting sake, or unpressed moromi, are set aside for testing.

Yoshiko Takahashi measure the specific gravity and alcohol content of sake.

Kai Kitajima manually caps each bottle of sake.

The Ontario Spring Water Sake Company is located in downtown Toronto's Distillery Historic District.


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