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It's Hot Enough To Fry An Egg-Not!

Richard Lautens/Staff Photographer

Last week there was quite a heat wave in Toronto.  I had 4 days straight of working outside on a variety of assignments and have had dreams of winter ever since.

On a forecasted 34 degree day, my editors came to me with the idea of shooting photos of cooking an egg on the sidewalk from the old adage of "It's hot enough out here to fry an egg!". 

I did a little online research and got some good insights from Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Alberta Egg Producers as well as myriad youtube videos and other news organizations in the southern United States.  There are varying degrees of success from these other sources but they all seem to agree that the temperatures had to be higher than we would experience in Toronto.

I dutifully got myself a couple of eggs, an egg cooking ring (I found one in yellow that I thought would look good visually) and a good supply of paper towels and Fantastic cleaning spray.  I found a spot with a great view of the city and was ready to cook.

I had no doubts that the sidewalk would not work so I went straight to the hood of my black car that had been in the sun all day.  I set up my iPhone to shoot video, made notes so I could write a short story to go with it and organized my camera equipment. 

The only problem with the feature was that the egg did not cook.

The biggest drag was not that hours of preparation and watching raw egg on the hood of my car was all for nothing, the biggest drag was how difficult slightly warmed runny egg was to clean off of my car in full view of sidewalks and streetcars!

The uncooperative egg is seen with my iPhone recording the lack of action


A very unimpressive looking egg after 30 minutes


It's always nice to have an audience for your failures


If it had worked, it would have been a nice picture!

A day or two later, our own Chris So tried a different tactic.  He tried a full roast with veggies!  Check it out here-


Richard Lautens/The Toronto Star


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