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Rick Madonik looks back at 2011

Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer

The pictures which follow are a small sample of the last years' work. In no way is the selection scientific, or unbiased. Many are favourites of the past year, or have some sentimental value. But all, I hope, elicit some form of emotion. From humorous to serious, from sad to elation, one of the things a good news photographer tries to do is capture a moment which helps tell the story, or at the very least, attracts the readers attention long enough to read the story.

Have a happy and safe holiday.

Madonik_Spot News01_900

Ghadafi Halas! (Ghadafi finished!)

03/04/11 - RAS LANUF, LIBYA - A man motions with a knife to his own neck, and yells "Ghadafi Halas!" to show what he wants done to Libyan leader Muammar Ghadhafi as rebel fighters are greeted at the gates of Ras Lanuf after its liberation from Ghadafi forces. A rebel attack forced Gadhafi forces back towards Sirt. This is the first time the rebellion from the east has advanced into the western part of the country.


Madonik_Spot News02_900

03/02/11 - BREGA, LIBYA - A man is overcome with emotion and carried off. One of his family members was killed in fighting today in the city. The injured and dead and brought to one of two hospitals in Brega as fighting between rebel forces and Gadhafi loyalists lingers into the afternoon.

Madonik_News Feature01_900

08/25/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Olivia Chow, with her hands on her husband's casket, after it is placed in the rotunda of City Hall. The casket bearing the body of NDP Leader Jack Layton lay in repose in the rotunda of where Layton began his political career.

Madonik_News Feature03_900

07/01/11 - MISSISSUAGA, ONTARIO - Camilo Martinez, 4, looks back over his shoulder as his family heads to the Immigration office. The Martinez family is deported from Canada for Columbia after a failed attempt to seek asylum in Canada. About 60 friends and family, mostly of son Sebastian, 14, were on hand for the emotional farewell at T1 at Pearson International Airport. 

Madonik_News Feature02_900

05/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Three people watch TV in the room at the Sheraton set aside for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, in Toronto, as election results roll in.


07/05/11 - VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Physiotherapist Hillary Acosta (left) and volunteer Melissa Neal adjust Trevor Greene's position while his legs are driven in a Lokomat System at NeuroMotion Physiotherapy clinic in Victoria BC. Five years after sustaining a major head injury while deployed in southern Afghanistan, Trevor Greene continues to work daily toward his goal of walking again. Greene would cover a distance equivalent to 1.8 kms during the hour workout. Greene was hit in the back of the head by an axe while participating in a shura in the village of Shinkay, March 4, 2006, in southern Afghanistan.


10/21/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Svetlana Fortez, 12, watches a classmate gather banana DNA. The DNA is in the white strands in the solution. Grad students from University of Toronto, Louis Barbier and Tetyana Pekar (Master's students in Molecular Genetics) visit Anne Barbier (sister of Louis) Grade VII homeroom class at Winona Drive Senior PS to give the kids a hands on approach to biology. They extracted DNA from a banana as well as examined different species of worms and observed fruit flies.


05/18/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Bleeding Hearts in a garden in Rosedale.


09/11/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - TIFF2011 - Toronto Star reporter Bruce DeMara (left) interviews Antonio Banderas, for his movie The Skin I Live In, at the Intercontinental Hotel. All part of this year's Toronto International Film Festival.


05/24/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Sunshine, the first of the four falcons presented, tastes water for the first time. The Canadian Peregrine Foundation, and Ministry of Natural Resources personnel Mark Heaton and Emma Followes, today, banded four baby peregrine falcons. The chicks live a top the Sheraton Centre and can be watched 24 hrs a day on the internet.


08/24/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Lightning branches across the sky with the DVP in foreground, seen from Don Mills Road. This is the end of the storm as it passed through tonight.



02/09/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Ed Davis has sprung 4 arms after fouling Tim Duncan during NBA action between Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs at Air Canada Centre.

Madonik_Sports01_lo res

08/29/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Dan Winnik, of the Phoenix Coyotes, celebrates hitting a ball out of the ball park at Rogers Centre. A number of NHLers took to the Roger's Centre this afternoon to try their eye-hand coordination inside the batting cage. For some, the task came more naturally than for others, but all of the players seem to enjoy the experience. A number of Jays, including Brett Lawrie, JP Arancibia and Jose Bautista were on hand.


02/16/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Chris Bosh of Miami, faces a crowd trying to disrupt his concentration during a foul shot during NBA action between Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Centre February 16, 2011. This marked the return of Chris Bosh to Toronto after he bolted for Miami last season.


02/09/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO -Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke speaks about the trade to Annaheim involving Francois Beauchemin.


02/01/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Tomas Kaberle looks back after going to the ice to block a shot during NHL action between Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers at Air Canada Centre.


10/29/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Penguins Pascal Dupuis gets shrouded in ice as Mike Komisarek continues the play into the boards during NHL action between Toronto Maple Leafs and Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night at Air Canada Centre.


08/04/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Toronto Argonaut QB Cleo Lemon waits in the wings under the Argo insignia just prior to taking to the field in CFL action at Rogers Centre between Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes. The Argos went on to lose 36-23. 


10/30/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Buffalo Bills RB Fred Jackson fends off DeAngelo Hall during NFL regular season play between Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins at Rogers Centre Sunday afternoon. Bills win 23-0.


08/12/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO -  Galina Voskoboeva (KAZ) shadow as she awaits a serve during Rogers Cup 1/4 finals action on the WTA Tour stop at Rexall Centre at York University.


12/10/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - UFC 140 takes centre stage at Air Canada Centre on Saturday night. Light Heavyweight Title retained by Jon Jones after causing Lyoto Machida to go to sleep with a choke hold. Jones walks away from an unconscious Machida.


12/10/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - UFC 140 Light Heavyweight Title between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida. Machida lands a punch but Jones wins with a TKO.


05/29/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Rajai Davis reacts after being hit by a pitch in 4th inning during Major League Baseball action between Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre. Jays won 13-4. 


11/05/11 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - The Canadian Championships of Cyclo Cross takes place at Pine Point Park in Etobicoke Saturday and Sunday. Over 200 athletes from across the country participate in the high speed, all terrain, bike sport.


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What a fine year you had, Richard. I wish I had taken a shot of the look on your face when we regrouped two minutes after the knife-to-throat moment in Ras Lanuf. You look like you'd seen a thousand ghosts. Unforgettable

Great stuff! It is extremely difficult to pick one as a favorite as they are all very well done. Kudos, Richard. I wish I could get some tips from you :)

Hi Rick: Remember those days in Belleville? And that pain in the ..... who never quit complaining. Well, you showed him.
Your work in Ottawa was a revalation to me. And now, well it is a pleasure looking at some of your 2011 work. Best wishes for 2012. Regards, PeteR

outstanding body of work! well done.Ernie

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