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2012 Home Opener: A New Look at the New Look Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Star photographer Lucas Oleniuk (@LucasOleniuk) was assigned to produce a series of animated picture files at the Toronto Blue Jays home opener Monday night.  

These animated GIF files were made by selectively capturing elements of a series of pictures displayed in succession and reverse.


The 2012 Toronto Blue Jay team takes to the field in Toronto for the opening pitch.                           Lucas Oleniuk-Toronto Star



A smile came to this boys face after he received a baseball from the team during batting practice. 



Patrons in the 500 section were limited to one beer per person while the drinks flowed in the 100's.



The team was introduced to the sold out stadium.



The Blue Jay pitchers warmed up in front of three of the first fans inside the ballpark.



"Free towel night" ended in a 4-2 loss to the Boston Red Sox following a three-run ninth inning rally.


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nice pictures!!


That was really cool. It would be neat to explain how these were made.

The obvious thing people will do is berate the pitcher Santos but the truth is the manager left him out there after he threw many pitches into the dirt. Pitchers have off days and the manager should recognize them. What was wrong with the pitcher that pitched the last inning??? They were winning and confident of a win. It only took three pitches to recognize he was off badly and the look on J.P. Arencibia's face said it all. "Get this guy out of here". Sadly that was not done and seeing as the stands were full of Toronto Maple Leafs fans that were pissed about being fed the no playoff meal AGAIN they booed him off the field. That was sad on opening day and I feel bad for Santos. The Jays will do really well this year regardless. Just watch.

Did the home opener occur during that movie with the magic remote control?

These can be produced using a free app. from Microsoft Research.

Check out this web page for how to download the app. and a great set of tutorials: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/projects/cliplets/

This is just weird with only parts animated. Good effort but not good photojournalism.

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